UN Torture Victims Fund: Rebuilding lives after torture - Ahmed

2015, 5 minutes

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Amin counsels torture victims from Iraq and its neighbouring country Syria.

Dr. Amin is the executive director of WCHAN – Trauma, Rehabilitation and Training Centre of Sulaimanyah, Iraq. Each year, the organization provides medical, psychological and social care to over 120 torture survivors coming from all regions of the country, including those where the “Islamic State” is active, and from Syria. Dr. Amin said the counselling is necessary because torture doesn’t just affect the individual, but all the people around them. The counselling provides rehabilitation and also helps preventing further violence. WCHAN has been supported by the UN Fund for the Victims of Torture since 2012. The Fund is managed by the UN Human Rights Office. Dr. Amin said this affiliation is important not just for the continued operation of the office, but also to show that the centre is neutral.

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