2017, 18 minutes

Dylan, a manic depressive, is interrupted in his suicide attempt. What happens next could be the making - or breaking - of everything.

Dylan, a manic depressive in his early twenties, and now more desolate than ever before, is on the verge of suicide. As he sits at home ready to force down a cocktail of pills and alcohol, his flatmate Andy returns unexpectedly. Andy, oblivious to Dylan's plan, has closed a deal for his company three days ahead of schedule, and insists they go for a drink to celebrate his success. Dylan reluctantly agrees, but brings the pills with him in secret. True to his plan, he takes them at the pub. When he steps outside for what knows might be his last cigarette, he encounters someone who could just lift him out of black depression – unless the overdose drags him down first.

Connected mandy members:

Lucia Reig
Script Supervisor
Kerryn Arcari
Justin Shepperson
Sound Recordist
Sound Recorder
Laura Vallejo
Make-up Artist
Hair and Makeup Artist
Laura Navarro
Production Co-ordinator
Production Assistant
Barnaby Jago