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    • 2019 5 minutes

      A film about surveillance and human rights.

      The project is to create speculative architectural scenarios in near future within a context of ubiquitous surveillance equipped with Facial Recognition technology. With the proposition of "visualising surveillance-scape", the film is imaging a provocative architectural intervention as a spatialised version of GDPR. It discusses the issue of CCTV surveillance practising in urban context as a social contract that doesn't ask people's consent. The story is starting from a family parenting scene as an analogy of state governing, following the protagonist's growing, to explore the visibility and control from the perspective of his internal conflicts with family and society. We are now looking for actors to play roles in this architectural essay film. As a speculative architectural film, it will be heavily VFX composited and green screen shooting will be involved. The film will be then exhibited on school's Summer Exhibition at the end of June this year as part of my graduation project. The production will take place in several locations in London, including green screen studio in Bedford Sqaure, ab domestic apartment on Warren Street, and a coffee shop in Camden. As it is a student graduation project, our budget can only cover your food and traveling expenses on the production day, but this would be a great opportunity to get experience with the genre of architectural essay film and also get involved in a production with VFX.

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      • Architectural Association School of Architecture

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