Waiting for Dawn

2012, 36 minutes

The Waiting Room turns out to be a place where the rules of time and space do not apply

The Waiting Room, it seems, is a bit of a local urban legend, always closed but not apparently derelict or deserted. But when Carl has to wait for Vicki, just for 20 or 30 minutes, on the corner near the pub, he decides to pop inside for a pint and a shufti. Because for the first time ever the place appears to be open - with two bouncers on the door. Inside he finds an empty bar with a misanthropic barman (Thomas Morton, who also handled the music score and sound design), two youths playing pool and a curious fellow who introduces himself as Darwin Barrett (Chris McAleer).

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Connected mandy members:

Neal Higham
Carls's Dad
Rob Leetham
Ella Tian
Script Co-ordinator
Rowan M. Ashe
AD (2nd)
Camera Operator