Welcome to Essex

  • 2014 90 minutes


    One Friday night, all of England fell to a mysterious virus. Society collapsed in a matter of hours and the Government, in a last-ditch effort to halt the spread of the infection, detonated nuclear weapons high above London. The resulting blast rendered anything electronic useless. The following day, in this desolate and dangerous new world, a mismatched group of survivors find themselves stranded in the county of Essex. A soldier, a footballer's wife, a student, a local lad with an attitude, a shop worker, a policeman and a woman with a mysterious past are all thrown together in a world turned on its head. Faced with certain death at the hands of millions of recently-undead maniacs pouring out of a fallen London, they must travel on foot to the coast in an attempt to flee England forever. Time is running out and the dead are running in.

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  • Laura UdallĀ