Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit?

  • 2007 94 minutes

    One Mans Portal Is Another Man's Fridge

    Pete Blaggit is a man desperate for a second chance at life. For the past twenty years he's been responsible for the downfall of his family business; Blagmore Wedding Videos is no longer the leading company it once was. Pete has made a living filming wedding video after wedding video; watching happy couples celebrate the biggest day of their lives. His brother Eugene and his protégé Clive help out with the wedding videos, but even they have had enough of Pete's behaviour.

    Angry, depressed, and disillusioned with life, Pete totally destroys a wedding thanks to his uncontrollable temper - he's rude, loud and full of disrespect to anyone and everyone who gets in his way. It seems that life can't get any worse for Pete. But it does. Strange, unknown forces are occurring in Pete's life that he can't explain; visions and hallucinations that he can't shake off. Clive and Eugene are convinced Pete is losing his marbles as these weird visions take over his life for the worse.

    In need of money, he and Clive head for the local casino; it appears Pete has a hidden talent for forecasting roulette scores. It's at the casino where they meet an unusual waiter by the name of Uri. Uri has a proposition for Pete and Clive that is just too good to refuse. But when Uri shows Pete a mind-blowing opportunity to put right his past wrongs, will Pete be able to turn his life around before it's too late? And what are the true meanings of his visions?

    There might just be time for one last spin of the dice, but the only question is; how is he going to get his life back together? What follows is a tense but hilarious series of events where Pete's actions will either lead to tragic or life affirming consequences. As a dark secret from Pete's past comes back to haunt him, he strives to pull off the impossible. It seems Pete Blaggit will stop at nothing in his endless quest of elusive happiness.

    Pete's hit rock bottom. Now the only way is up

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  • Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit? (2010)