When Autumn Comes

    • 2021 90 minutes

      Two friends falling like leaves in an Autumn romance.

      Maria, a filipino university student, studies English with her best friend Ana, and aspires to be a writer someday. As she notices her friendship group is drifting apart, she pulls closer to Ana, and they promise they'll never leave each other.

      Ana goes missing; some of the people around Maria start to change appearance. At first she doesn't take it seriously, however, when Ana returns to class the next day, she is a completely different person. Maria exclaims in front of her teacher and classmates that this is an imposter. No one believes her, so she leaves class.

      'New Ana' confronts Maria, exposing that she has been secretly dating Maria's crush behind her back. Maria is betrayed and no longer trusts her, so she finds herself getting closer with her English cover teacher, Apollo. They bond over coffee and an evening walk, sharing a poem or two they have written in the past.

      Maria continues to distance herself with 'New Ana,' and finds herself spending more time with Apollo, especially after he lends her a copy of his new book. In return, she gives him her book of poems to read. During a private conversation, Apollo asks Maria to go to Paris with him for his book tour.

      By now, Maria's friends and family have all changed appearance. There is no logical explanation for this mysterious phenomenon. Nonetheless, Maria finds a heart felt poem written by Ana. She decides to rekindle her friendship with Ana, and leaves Apollo waiting for her at Kings Cross Station.

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