When it Rains it Pours

  • 2020 12 minutes

    A London woman (who doesn't really have a flat) works at a perfume shop (though she wants to write movies) and throws herself headlong into her dreams, even as the possibility of realising them dwindles.

    Mia is a would-be director, trying to navigate her personal and professional life in London. 
    At the typically post-uni age of 27, her vanity of youthful ignorance begins to be viewed more as delayed adulthood than blissful rebellion.
    Everyone around  seems to be moving on with their lives and becoming serious. The expectations of responsible career development and settling down are beginning to creep up, but Mia has never felt less grounded.
    Her childlike spirit is beginning to feel isolated in her own grown body body. She's working at a perfume boutique - a job she loathes, whilst overstaying her welcome in her friend Emma's spare bedroom.
    It's been two years since she's made anything remotely relevant, and her writing isn't going well.
    Her life flips upside down when she meets Matt, a young actor who  walks into the shop one day.
    After getting her heart broken, losing her job and place to stay, Mia suddenly finds herself with little to lose.
    She wonders wether this year could get any worse. And the answer is yes, it absolutely can.
    Will she finally be able to finish her story?

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