Wild Geese

2018, 12 minutes

Premiering at Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in Toronto on the 29th May.

Amy is a 35 year old snooty Sloane-ranger. When she catches her husband having an affair, Amy promptly falls down the stairs, bangs her head, and wakes up in hospital believing that she is 16 and that the year is 1999. Gone is Amy's vocal fry Made in Chelsea accent, and any recollection of the weak-chinned man claiming to be her husband. And instead all she cares about now is tracking down her teenage first love - a woman, Polly. Amy escapes from the hospital the moment she’s left alone and sets out in pursuit of Polly. Now a 16 year old in an adult’s body, with no real understanding of the world around her and how her city has changed. She eventually finds Polly, who is working as a teacher in their old high school. And for reasons Amy can’t fathom, the love of her life now vehemently wants nothing to do with her. And Amy simply cannot remember why.

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