Wills Diaries

Wills Diaries

2009, 90 minutes

Independent Romance Feature Frilm

Dashing to the aid of an injured builder, the young Doctor Crispin Shakespeare stumbles across a startling archaeological find in the centre of modern Stratford – a collection of original manuscripts that appear to be written by the Bard. A hastily assembled team of scientists set up tent at the site whilst all the world’s media converges on the little country village. Thinking that his role in the story is over, the young doctor tries to refocus on his own life, but he can’t get his mind off the books, especially since he kept one for his own personal use. At the same time that the international media invades his lawn, Lucy, a stunning young actress from the Royal Shakespeare Company arrives to rent the spare room in his cottage. Surrounded by distractions, the young doctor tries to remain focused on his own life: Crispin is massively in debt and his job in his uncle’s medical practise seems unable give any real satisfaction or to fund his lifestyle. Crispin is a frustrated artist who became a doctor to please his family. Whilst Lucy rehearses for her part in Julius Caeser, Crispin continues preparing his own spoof play for performance at the Edinburgh fringe festival. The two are clearly attracted to each other bur their ideas about being theatre performers are opposing, along with their lifestyles in general. In the middle of the excitement and debate caused by the discovery of what are proclaimed to be Will’s Diaries, Crispin and Lucy end up falling for each other. But after a slight misunderstanding, Lucy leaves for the Globe in London without telling Crispin that she’s decided to go back to LA to live. When Crispin finds out Lucy doesn’t plan to return to Stratford upon Avon, he heads to the Globe Theatre in London, where Lucy is performing to admit he’s in love with her and ask her to stay in the UK. At the same time, he drops of the book of Shakespeare’s letters that he had kept to the National Museum, where the Museum Director informs him that the manuscripts are actually his, but of course, the Museum would be very happy to acquire the books – if Crispin is interested in selling them

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Clare Cahill
AD (1st)
1st AD
Professor Arthur Krantz
Julian Boote
RSC Director
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Rachel McWha
Costume Designer
Costume Designer
Alexis Strum
Chris Rogers
Hotel Manager
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