• 2004 98 minutes

    She's the golden girl. He's the longshot.

    Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) is a journeyman English professional tennis player ranked 119th in the world. He earns a Wild card (sports)|wildcard spot to the The Championships, Wimbledon|Wimbledon tournament. Tired of it all, he resolves to quit after this last tournament, and even gets a job to coach tennis at a country club. However, as Wimbledon begins, Peter meets and falls in love with Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst), a young, brilliant, American tennis pro. As their love grows, Peter's game becomes better and better and he wins his semi-final match in straight sets?whilst Lizzie loses hers, having lost her focus after a night together with Peter. Peter begins playing the final match against Jake Hammond (Austin Nichols), an arrogant American star who Peter has already had an argument with involving Lizzie, but finds himself outclassed. Lizzie, on her way home to America, sees an interview in which Peter apologises, and comes back to Wimbledon. With Lizzie cheering him on, Peter wins the title, and retires. He and Lizzie marry, and Lizzie goes on to win the U.S. Open (tennis)|U.S. Open and Wimbledon twice. In the last scene Peter is with his and Lizzie's youngest child, a boy, watching Lizzie and their eldest child, a girl, play tennis together on a neighborhood court in New York City.
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