World's Most Evil Killers

2016, 60 minutes

The world's most evil killers and the court cases.

World's Most Evil Killers for Sky Documentary Channel (Sky's free-to-air channel 'Pick'). Examines some of the most dangerous and prolific murderers in the UK and worldwide.

Connected mandy members:

Selina Black
Actor, Singer
Sue Peck (Claire Peck's mother)
Jury Member
George Oldfield
Ward nurse
Rad Brown
Mick Philpott
Young Steven Grieveson
Chris Keenan
Lead role of serial Killer Mark Hobson in a series of dramatic reconstruction scenarios for Sky Discovery.
Russell Cook
Voice Over: English
Krzysztof Wojcik ( Pawel Tuchin episode) Polish to English Translation
Russell Cook
Voice Over: English
Paul Yvon ( Jack Unterweger episode) Austrian to English Translation
Russell Cook
Voice Over: English
Detective Wolfgang Schmidt episode ( German to English translation)
Frank Harvey
Karol Kot
Ellen Smith
Production Co-ordinator
Production Co-Ordinator
Sante Kimes
Matt da Gama
Kenneth Bianchi