Your Father's Son

2012, 10 minutes

Levi Cole is tarred with the same brush as his late father James Cole in a negative way, the antagonist of this being his mother Sharon Flynn/Cole. With years of this false labelling, coming to a climax on the night presented

Levi Cole meets with his friends and girlfriend at a pool-house party, he gets there late with the party already in full swing as he arrives. Everyone is keen to know where he’s been all this time, although all he wants is to get in the party sprit himself. After a few drinks and some playing about with friends, there is an accident at the poolside, resulting in Levi hitting his head on the bottom of the swimming pool. Levi wakes up in a hospital from a head injury with all his loved ones around him, although he wakes up believing that he is now James Cole his late father and that the people surrounding him are not all his loved ones. Slipping in and out of consciousness Levi starts to have flashbacks of a domestic incident that happened between (himself) James and his mother Sharon. With Sharon’s arrival to the hospital, after a call from his friend’s, she soon becomes the focus of questioning as to how this, reverted persona of his late father has occurred. As Levi’s girlfriend and friend’s try to gain information from Sharon, doctors and nurses also try to stabilise him in order for him to maintain consciousness. The only question on all their minds now, is will the Levi they all know and love be making a return or is James back and here to stay?

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Reid Manson
Art Dept Assistant
Graffer and Set Design
Áine Ryan
Emma Noyeaux
Director, Producer and Editor
Nurse 1