Advice for an Actress without Agent ?

  • Sarah Penman


    Hi there, my name is Sarah and I am looking to see if anyone has advice on getting an agent in the Toronto/Hamilton area?

    Thankyou in advance! :)

    • 7th Jan 2021
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  • James Thorne


    First, do whatever is available, remembering no role is to small and request on audition as often as possible.

    Second, always be happy and smiling even when you're sad and scared, we all want the same thing, the best outcome placed on film. You act everyday you leave your home, so take the time to know the role, make others feel it, and do in 30 seconds or less. No guts, No glory.

    Third, you are a product waiting to be captured, make the most of every opportunity offered, its all on you, if you're not scared of acting you should be, that' scared feeling is the character you produced waiting to be discovered.

    An agent is in your future, right now that role is filled by desire, a need that burns within all of us when we start out down this road to being an actor. The best or worst thing about this road is, we are always learning and growing with every step. Feeding the dream keeps it alive, simple, right?

    Keeping the faith in yourself, is all on you.

    James Thorne

    • 12th Nov 2020
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  • Frank Michaels


    Just build your demo reel meanwhile. Many agents will ask for that though you can audition for them too. However jobs can ask to see that so you need it especially now in covid

    • 11th Dec 2020
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  • Jade Graham


    Id get some gigs for not only your showreel but also your actors resume so agents can see that you have ambition and you're doing well on your own before they bring you on their team. And it's rare that the good agents take on non-union actors unless you're really good and bring something special to their team. unless you're looking for a background/ commercial agent. There are many background agencies that'll give you paid work in the meantime, id say sign up for those too if you're interested in that.

    • 7th Jan 2021
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