Finding Representation During Quarantine

  • Jason Wilks


    Has anyone had any success/stories/advice for finding representation during this time of uncertainty? I'm an actor based in NYC and I just graduated from a conservatory, and I'm feeling kind of lost at sea right now. I'm not sure if I should jut be patient or if there's something I should be doing more actively. I've already submitted to a bunch.

    • 16th Jul 2020
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  • Clemence Dusabe


    Hey Jason! I recently moved to ATL for acting and kinda lost too looking for an agent. What I did was go to SAG-AFTRA website and looked at the agents around the area, then I checked them online to see if they accept online submissions and emailed them my headshot, Demo reel and resum. It kinda helps cause now you're waiting to hear a call or get a email back. It's better than nothing.

    • 23rd Jun 2020
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  • User Deleted

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    hey Jason I’m not the best at grammar lol but everything in my life has been a super annoying roller coaster once quarantine started every thing got worse and worse . See my parents are divorced my brothers in jail and i just feel alone no matter what anyone says to me. In my free time I have ideas and I usually forget them but I write I write abt my life, what I want my life to be and it makes me feel better I write these poems and they’ve inspired people to start writing I’ve been in acting classes in school and I’ve always had good roles it’s just I know it’s 1 and a million to be discovered for me bc I’m kinda in a boring state but I still hope and the idea that there is a slight chance I could find who I am and eventually buy my mom a house and my grandma her favorite cooking books it makes me smile! I give them both a hard time and I hate myself for it but at the end of the day they’re the reason I’m typing This to you right now ! Love u

    • 2nd Jul 2020
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  • Emmanuel Ocampo


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    • 16th Jul 2020
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