I need major help!!

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    I have interest from these agents

    etc agency

    corinne callum associates

    dragon personal management

    genesis personal management

    djb management

    acclaim associates

    I have tried to research them but have not had much luck please if anyone knows anything about these agencies could you let me know as this would be a great help for me.

    Kindest Regards


    • 18th Jun 2011
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    Hi Nerkesha,

    I would recommend to first check to see if they have an actress similar to you already. Then try to find out how many people they all have on their books. Use the tools you have and maybe contact a few clients from each agent and ask how they are finding them. Do you have meetings set up with these agents? If you do, ask them questions and use you instincts. But make sure none of them ask you for any admin fees/website fees. If they ask for money of any kind, stay away! If you get any bad vibes from any of the agents or you are not quite sure about something, give Equity a call. They can tell you if the agencies are legitimate. Then use the information you have to make an informed decision. I recently had to choose between a few agents and the research was invaluable in making my final decision.

    Hope this helps and good luck!



    • 6th Sep 2009
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    My housemate is signed with corinne callum associates. I know that they have a small client base and are relatively new. The main agent Corrine is in Hairspray at the moment I think she goes by Cory Mac or something similar. Well my housemate had virtually no auditions from her wihin the first few months but recently she has been seen for a lot of stuff. Obviously it is also dependant on the person who is signed as not everyone can be seen for everything. She has a website so I would check out and see if they have anyone that is similar casting on their books as you. Hope this helps.

    • 7th Sep 2009
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  • Kevin Hallett


    Actually the domain name for corinne callum associates, as appearing on her ccp profile, is not even registered.

    • 18th Jun 2011
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  • Kat Kumar


    Hey Narkesha!

    1) Have you met/auditioned for the agencies? Be wary of any agency who hasn't at least seen a show reel. If they don't know if you're good or not and are offering to represent you it's a bad reflection on how they recruit clients.

    2) Look at the contracts. Some agencies might offer extortionate commission rates; some offer exclusive, some non-exclusive contracts; some sign you up for a year and hold your soul hostage until the last days of the contract bleed out. You're probably after different things and the fact you have choice is fantastic! Pick the contract that works for you.

    3) I would do a CCP search for each agent and PM current clients. You never know, there are so many agent horror stories, don't sign anything until you're 100% (or at least 99%) certain they're a-ok.

    4) Check with equity that none are black listed.

    5) Instinct. Personally, I prefer an agent who's friendly and casual and reliable when it comes to communication as opposed to official, always too busy to reach and hands-off because that suits who I am. You can learn a lot from meeting an agent.

    So take your time and pick the agent who works best for you.

    Good luck super star!!

    Cat -x-

    • 18th Jun 2011
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