Looking for an agent in UK

my name is Evelina Parker, I am 18 years old, at the moment I am living in Latvia.
Currently playing a role at a Latvian national televisions (TV3) TV show "Viss pa jaunam" by Platforma Film. (2019)
Played roles in commercials for brands: Loreal, Rimi (2018-2019)
Was/Am a face of brands and worked as brand ambassador (6 months-1 year) for brands: Coca Cola, Adidas, Huawei (2017-2019)
(including commercials, photoshoots, influencer)
Played a role of a ballerina for a music video for a band "Singapuras Satins" (2017)
Played a role in a documentary "Dzīves Krustcelēs" (2012)
Appeared on TV reality shows for TV3... and the list goes on.

My acting experience is very wide although its been mostly in or for Latvian market. My English skills are high, because of my "mixed family" an I would like to start working for the UK market.
I am really hard working and professional on set. I am a perfectionist and do everything to give director what he imagined for my role.
I am looking for an agent that would represent me in UK.

If you are interested in me and would like to discuss further collaboration, please e-mail me at- [email protected]

Thank you for your time.

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