Hello everyone. Hope y'all well.
I am looking for a new agent to work with. Any help would be appreciated.
Have a blessed life.

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Anthony A


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Seeking a go-getter agent!

Holly B

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Same here! Any help would be amazing, I’m really struggling to know who/how to contact and get agents attention :)

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Most of them only want to have people in London on their books. Others are too lackadaisical and 'pencil' you in for jobs, but don't seem to mind if they cancel 8h before you are suppose to show up. Disgusting behaviour.

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Dino Zeeman

Hi there I’m in a similar situation I’m looking for an agent too please if you can direct me to right direction that would be helpful and much appreciated Thank you Dino

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Ok some general advice, as actors we’re all products, and agents get offered dozens of potentially the same product every day. What makes you different to the next? because that’s what the agent is going to have to overcome to sell you to the CD. The more USP you have the easier you are to sell. There’s 70,000 people on Spotlight, what’s so special about you? are you a white female or male 18-30, average looks and height? good luck there’s literally THOUSANDS of you on Spotlight! again…why does the agent pick you over them?! are you stunt trained? speak different languages, martial arts? body of a God/Godess? tattooed face? (I’m serious, look up Martyn Ford!!) anything to make you stand out!

Now that’s out of the way, the next issue is the choice of agent.

As in everything in life, there’s an agent ladder, with tier one agents at the top (Curtis Brown, ITG, United) then tier 2 in the middle and at the bottom tier 3. Below that isn’t worth your time. Pick your target! who’s in their books? look on IMDB and see their ranking-there are lists of all the agents and their tiers (an older one is on Reddit). Get writing! like I said above it helps if you have many USP’s but if not, you better be damn good and have a killer reel! note if you’re not on Spotlight no one in tiers 1-3 will be interested so make that your initial goal!

There are tonnes of amazing actors out there who don’t succeed because they have no business sense and can’t sell themselves. Just FYI if you want to be in mainstream film and TV the CDs will have preferred agents in tier 1/2 and won’t even advertise on Spotlight, because they don’t need to unless it’s a hard cast…eg a 7ft Shakespearean trained giant! so the obvious ideal is to work your way up the ladder to get that tier 1 agent!

Be pro active, can’t stress this enough!! case in point Daniel Kaluuya (“Dont Breathe”) stopped writing to agents as they never replied! so he did his own thing in theatre. The agents won’t come knocking, you have to knock their doors down! get creative, make a film on your phone, put something on YouTube/IG, put on a play…write…it’s so accessible now! be different make them notice!

How much do you want it?!

Good luck!

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Tom Wilkins

Hi agents.

I am Tom Wilkins, and I am the next actor that you will sign to your books.

I am 34 years old and live in Cardiff.

Having retired from professional football last season, I have returned to the world of acting after a 15 year hiatus due to the full on nature of football.

You are probably wondering what makes me different from the thousands of other actors that are seeking you out. The best answer that I can give is literally the word ‘me’.

I am a motivated and quirky guy, who has the looks to stand out - think long blonde hair (chest length), beard and multiple tattoos including on my hands and neck. I am a memorable face.

That’s only half the battle in being successful though, right!

I am a skilled actor, who harnesses my tough upbringing in the inner city estates of Southampton to bring believability and authenticity to my roles.

I am at my best when playing working class, rough around the edge characters, and excel when following direction. Although, I do have the confidence to question the status quo if I believe it will aid me in bringing a role to life.

Don’t take my work for it though, I have Instagram @tom_wilkins_actor, which has a wide range of self tapes, head shots and images to help you understand why you need me on your books.


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Tom... You know there are no agents here looking for talent, right? Mainly because they don't need to - actors chase agents, not the other war around. You need to contact agents directly, and BY NAME! Make sure they know you've done your homework, know who they are, what productions they've repped actors for, etc.

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Tom Wilkins

I’ve been messaged by one since posting that.

Plus, I have 2 people that I am on a production with now who found their agent through here.

A number of agents it appears do create accounts on Mandy in order to follow these threads etc.

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Me too, I'm searching for that elusive progressive agent looking to launch new talent.
I am a 22-year-old actor. I have been acting since a young age, starting at after school drama clubs. I recently graduated with BA (Hons) Acting and Performance from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.
Previously I studied Drama/Performing Arts and Modern Dance at South Downs College and at the Gielgud Academy of Performing Arts. I have also attended Dance, Musical Theatre and Drama workshops at New York’s established Performing Arts & Dance Schools. I attained a triple BTEC Diploma with two Distinctions and a Merit.
I am currently working as a Support Artist. I have had extensive experience in this field over the last 5 years prior and during my time at university. I have worked in feature films, including MCU productions, TV commercials, music videos, TV dramas and documentaries. These include productions at most of the major film studios and on location in both speaking and non speaking roles. I have also been the lead actor in many short films.
I am a paid up member of Spotlight, Equity and BECTU. I also have a Basic DBS Certificate. My photos, Spotlight pin and the link to my show reel can be found on my Mandy.com profile.

Here’s hoping that this post is viewed by one of those progressive agents looking to launch new talent, that I mentioned. Many thanks in advance to that agent, I'm sure we will have a great future together..

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Albert Kumi
Actor, Talent

Hey I’m new to the network, can anyone help point in the direction of agents/agency for beginner level talent actors/modelling. Thanks a million

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