Hello everyone. Hope y'all well.
I am looking for a new agent to work with. Any help would be appreciated.
Have a blessed life.

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Tyna Taskila

Hello Agents and fellow creatives! It's Tyna here. I'm a diverse Finnish actor based in West London - I'm also looking for a new agent so who knows maybe I find you this way :-)!

I had representation until December 2023 with a large agency, but I’m now looking for representation with a boutique style talent agency that I could have more personalised relationship with and can support me to reach my full potential.

During the last year, a large majority of the auditions and secured roles have been the direct result of my own activity and constant drive of building my marketability and developing my craft.

I’m also creating my own work as in September I had a premier week for my one woman show "Forgiveness" at The White Bear Theatre in London. The play tells a story of Tessa, who struggles to let go of her painful past. The play got excellent reviews and was nominated for Standing Ovation Awards:

**** ‘Forgiveness is a powerful story of hope, resilience and new beginning’

Standing Ovation Awards Nomination:

In October, I got a role in a feature comedy film “B-Movie” (Directed by Kevin Durham, Seriously Funny Productions), where I play "Ada", a socially awkward, but smart IT-programmer.

The whole December as I was playing an Elf Character in an Immersive Christmas Experience for children (Produced by Evoke Entertainment: https://www.evokeents.com). The role required great stamina and singing and dancing skills.

Full list of my acting credits can be viewed here on Mandy and also on my Spotlight profile:


Here is a direct link to my showreel:


Finally, it might be worthwhile to mention that before pursuing a career in acting, I had a successful international career in healthcare research (I’m a Doctor in Public Health), which makes me very suitable for technical/medical/science-based roles also.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,
Tyna x

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Michael Olatidoye
Actor, Talent

Off the fact that Agents might go through this thread I’d like to also mention that I am in search of a good Agent in London who will manage me as a Talent. I am a 6.1” tall African man with an amazing body build.

I am a graduate of Criminology but I have spent the larger part of my life working as a full time model and actor. I am very keen on working hard and I am a very focused individual. I’ve got good experience as a model and an Actor and have featured as Lead in different commercials for top brands while I was in Nigeria where I am from. I am very fit for both still jobs and acting gigs and I’m sure you’d have a swell time managing me as a Talent as I have learned from previous agents, directors and producers I have worked with that I am easy and fun to work with.

I really don’t mind traveling for any gigs available and pride myself in being very self organised all the time. Punctuality and focus is my watchword and I always make sure to leave a good impression on every client I work with. If any agent whose passion is to represent a focused talent then I am the one for you.


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Ishika Patel

I'm currently seeking representation by an agency and am already collaborating with two. However, I aim to expand my network and elevate my portfolio. If this resonates with you, please reach out.


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