Multiple Agencies?

Hi All.
I've been with MANDY for 18 months now and through here and another agency I have started to be involved with a couple of great productions. I'm now at a point where I'm looking at registering with more agencies. Having worked with some great Supporting Artists over the last few of weeks there seems to be two different approaches where some are registered with multiple agencies and some just a couple. Interested to see from my fellow SA's what the right approach should be? Is less, more or should I register with as many as possible. Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Mark,

I've been in the SA industry - on/off - for 7 years now and at first, joined 5 agencies and found that often, the agencies were working on the same production and would all put me forward for roles in these. So in this case, less is more, as one agency would be enough to do this.

Though in contrast to this, I met a 60+ year old SA who had signed up to 7 agencies and was constantly checking her phone all day for job alerts, she told me that it was so time consuming that she had to put her friends and family on hold all the time, in case a job came up, but it paid off, as apparently she was getting on average two jobs a week.

I think there is more TV work around than films, so in that case, I advise you to approach Ray Knight as they offer more regular work in this area than other casting agencies and are also a reputable long established agency.

So to your question as to whether less is more, I think, if you are serious about making at least a part-time living from casting work, then in with a penny, in with a pound - sign up to as many as you can.

Good luck!


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Thanks Simone
That's great advice

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Neilesh Mi

I would second Simones view, and go for a dozen or so! Give it a year and then even try just one of the exclusive ones and then take.your pick. Good luck. I have gone for the more the merrier option and could offer all opportunities then I could try just one.

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Thanks Neilesh,

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Cian Newell

Is there any agencies that you guys would recommend? I saw ray knight above but any others you would suggest?

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Help... I need some work, please

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Hello, How do I get an agent? I’ve been acting for a few years now and have done some adverts and short films but looking to find an agent to get me more work. Where to start please?

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