Non sole acting agents for TV & Film

Hi I am looking for some recommendations of acting agents who work in film & TV who are not sole agents and will allow you to be with other agents? Many thanks

  • 4 months ago
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Well, some will and some (many) won't. Contracts are always a matter of negotiation between you and the agent, so it's more about your relationship with them, rather than finding one that 'just does it'. Bear in mind that agents are more likely to want you (solely) for commercial rep, rather than solely for stage/screen. The reasoning is simple - there's much more money in commercial representation. That's why most traditional agents/agencies want sole representation, rather than 'sharing' you with another agency where you may well have the potential of making (them) much more money. Commercial-only rep is very much a recent thing (as people realised where the £££ is...)

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Thank you Mark

  • 3 months ago
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