On The Search

  • Rachael Popejoy

    Personal Assistant

    With having a stall on writing my own screenplay and/or book over the past 10+ years because of that day that changed my life indefinitely I am at the point of reaching out with hoping to find a producer, director, or even author that would be interested in picking up my true life you wouldn’t believe it story slightly similar to The Vow, when I had even started writing my story before that movie came out

    • 12th Dec 2019
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  • Lauran Childs


    Is this paid? I’m a ghostwriter and screenwriter - I’ve ghost written books before. If so you can contact me at [email protected].

    Best of luck! Great photo by the way.

    Lauran Childs


    • 26th Nov 2019
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  • Vanessa Williams

    Production Assistant

    I'm looking for leads to find funding for my sitcom. I have 6 episodes written. The goal is to find funding to get the pilot shot and try to find distribution for the entire show. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON YOUR PROJECTS AS WELL!!!!

    • 12th Dec 2019
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