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  • Eleanor Jones


    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to know what reactions you are all getting from your agents regarding the new Spotlight system - where you can apply for roles yourself or nudge your agent to get them to apply for something you believe you are suitable for etc.

    Is anyone finding that their agent is actually up for this, or are they generally against it and only are only going to allow you to view the castings but not apply nor nudge them about it?

    Would love you feedback.


    Ellie xxx

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    Spotlight statement:

    'Depending on how your agent(s) would like you to respond to job information posted on the Link Board, you will see one of three options at the bottom of Link Board posts:

    Apply for this job: this means you can submit your CV directly, for the role being cast

    Nudge agent: this means you can send your agent a notification via Spotlight, if you want them to put you forward for a role. You can't submit yourself directly - you are asking them to do this on your behalf.

    View-only: This means you can only view the casting information. You cannot submit yourself, or 'nudge' your agent via Spotlight. You will always be able to view jobs posted on the Link Board, regardless of other settings which your agency selects.'

    • 21st Mar 2011
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