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    Hiya guys / gals.

    Following last weeks programme on Channel 4 i wanted to see everyone elses favourite actor as i was dissapointed at the final result.

    Just write a list 1-10 down the left hand side of the screen and write down who you think is the Greatest actor/ress in order. 1 being the best

    • 21st Mar 2006
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    1: Anthony Hopkins

    2: Alan Rickman

    3: Maggie Smith

    4: Judy Dench

    5: Jeremy Brett

    6: Dustin Hoffman

    7: Ian Mckellen

    8: Julie Walters

    9: Ian Richardson

    10:Jonathan Pryce

    • 1st Jun 2006
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  • David Sayers


    1.Antony Sher (Stage god!)

    2.John Malcovich

    3.Al Pacino (even when he shouts)

    4.Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    5.Judi Dench

    6.Maggie Smith

    7.Timothy Spall

    8.Gary Oldman

    9.James Stewart (Vertigo, Flight of the Phoenix etc)

    10.David Tennant

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    1.Jonny Depp (Makes any crap film good)

    2.Julie Walters (Two Soups)

    3.Anthony Hopkins

    4.Joanna Lumley (for Patsy of course!)

    5.Dame Maggie Smith (Gosford Park)

    6.Sir John Gielgud (Arthur)

    7.Kathy Bates

    8.Rik Mayall (Any one of his characters)

    9=River Phoenix (My own private Idaho)

    9=Leonardo Di Caprio(What's eating Gilbert Grape)

    9=Brad Pitt (12 Monkeys / Fight Club)

    10. Divine (so bad she's FAB!)

    Anyone who disputes this is just WRONG! hehe!


    • 1st Jun 2006
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    Angelina Jolie (Girl interupted)

    Juliette Binoche (Three colours blue)

    Audrey Tautou (Amélie)

    Charlotte Rampling (Swimming pool)

    Eva Green (Dreamers)

    Victoria Abril (Amantes)

    Johnny Depp (in any film)

    Charlie Chaplin (for being unique)

    Gary Oldman (Dracula)

    Melissa Ricci (for my own ego)

    And I'm not kidding!

    Anyone who contests that can have a wrestling match with me.Ah!

    • 1st Jun 2006
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  • Daisy Brydon


    1. Sean Penn (Mystic River, I am Sam)

    2. Al pacino

    3. Robert De Niro

    4. Ed Norton (Fight Club)

    5. Audry Hepburn

    6. Juliette Binoche

    7. River Pheonix

    8. Gabrielle Byrne

    9. Hugh Bonneville

    10. Roger Allam (if anyone saw him in 'Blackbird')

    Future great actors: jake Gillenhall (can't spell his name, but he was brilliant in Brokeback mountain), Scarlet Johanson.

    Alot of you will protest, but i really do think the 'eminem' what ever his real name is, was great in 8mile and he has talent, but he doesn't, for obvious reasons, belong in any list of great actors!

    • 1st Jun 2006
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  • Alexander Helm


    This is a tough one but here goes:

    1) Sir Laurence Olivier

    2) Paul Scofield

    3) John Hurt (Elephant Man, 1984,Naked Civil Servant)

    4) Bette Davis (All About Eve, Baby Jane,)

    5) Vivien Leigh (Streetcar Named Desire)

    6) Montgomery Clift

    7) Jodi Foster (The Accused, Silence Of The Lambs)

    8) Dirk Bogarde (The Servant, The Nightporter, Victim)

    9) Daniel Day Lewis

    10) Alec Guinness

    These are just some of the people who inspired me to act.

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    1 - Daniel Day-Lewis

    2 - Al Pacino

    3 - John Cusack

    4 - Johnny Depp

    5 - Jodie Foster

    6 - Jack Nicholson

    7 - Morgan Freeman

    8 - Sir John Mills

    9 - John Candy (Funny Funny Man)

    10- Nicole Kidman

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    Matt Damon

    Leonardo de Caprio(Particularily his early stuff)

    Johnny Depp

    Robert De Niro

    Peter Sellars

    Robin Williams

    Al Pacino

    Marlon Brando

    Michael Caine

    Kevin Spacey

    By the way, who were the top three..? (I fell asleep..!)

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    1.Anthony Hopkins(Anything)

    2.Paul Newman(He really did eat 50 eggs)

    3.Gene Hackman(The King of anger)

    4.Steve Mcqueen( - Nuff said))

    5.Johnny Depp(Pirates, Fear and Loathing)

    6.Gene Kelly(Just dont make actors like this now)

    7.Philip Seymour Hoffman(the king chameleon)

    8.Sean Penn(I AM Sam, Mystic River)

    9.Christian Bale(American Psycho, Machinist)

    10.Robert de Niro(Untouchables, Heat)

    That was so much harder than I thought.

    If you disagree then its a throwdown at twenty paces!

    • 1st Jun 2006
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  • Leighton Haberfield


    I will have to disagree with you Melissa!

    So when can we have that wrestling match?

    Ha ha!


    • 1st Jun 2006
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  • Daisy Brydon



    i have to agree with your list, i found it incredibly difficult to put so many great actors into a list of 10!! can't believe i missed out Steve Mcqueen, and phillip seymou hoffman (his portrayal of capote was incredible, he sounded just like him - so my grandmother tells me!!)

    don't you all hate that question 'So who's the actor/actress who inspired you most?' i can never answer the question the way i want to , there are so many fantastic actors, that it is a selection that have inspired me, and continue to inspire me. what do you think?

    Daisy xx

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    I was kind of tipsy when i wrote my list...Ah...St Patrick!

    I was just trying to put as many actresses in my list,as i've noticed mainly everybody put actors...

    The feminist in me...

    Fact is there are so many great actors,good in some films and very bad in others,so it's difficult to say.

    So i do agree with my list(Not that drunk,just starting)i'm against violence

    The peacemaker in me...

    So no wrestling.

    Peace and love!

    I think i'm gonna go back to bed.


    • 1st Jun 2006
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    daisy it was very very difficult. there are so many actors who have moments of brilliance leonardo di caprio in gilbert grape, clint eastwood in unforgiven, brando and pacino in godfather and so on.

    What I tried to do was think of actors who consistently did great work. Steve McQueen(who I was named after) was a incredibly underrated actor with so much subtlety in his performance. The expression - "Its all in the eyes" could have been written about him. Seymour-hoffman is probably the greatest character actor around today. His back catalogue of work is outstanding. Special mention to Gene Kelly too as without hesitation the greatest all-round talent cinema has witnessed. To act well is one thing. To act, SING, dance acrobatically AND at the same time make it appear effortless NOW thats TALENT!!

    I cant think of a single actor who could approach that kind of level these days.

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    I think the way forward to be a great actor is to have your name end in 'O'.

    Brando (even though his name was originally Brandeux)


    Di Caprio,

    De Niro

    Russell Cro.............we

    What you think?

    Kris Scholeso

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    I'll have to disagree Kris,as none of them are on my list,i've got no Name finishing with "o"...Hehehe!

    But then you'll have to add yourself in your list then,i did.


    • 1st Jun 2006
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    maybe its an italian sounding name that we all need. pacino, de niro, di caprio. which makes melissa current leader for stardom. deed poll here i come.


    • 1st Jun 2006
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    Steve Tomato? i like it,though not Italian i'm afraid,and what about being the first one in a long line in Stardom Land?

    Can't think of a "Thomas",so you could the first one in a long line of names finishing with "as" ops..!Didn't mean to sound rude.Sorry...

    Anyway i'm out the line as another Ricci stole my name,the Chritina Ricci,i'll have to go for another name,what about chorizzo?


    • 1st Jun 2006
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    im sure its possible to share names these days melissa. there must be an italian connection to ricci somewhere in your history. unless of course you 'married' into the mob in which case i should chose my words VERY carefully!!

    for me perhaps il revert to the name the director of my first film project chose to call me by -steve dumbass. Now thats out there I'l never hear the end of

    • 1st Jun 2006
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    Ricci is italian indeed,and no i'm not connected to the Godfather,though i like the idea of it,would simplify my life in many ways...

    And yes you're so right,sharing names is frequent nowadays,more than 1 millions of Ricci only in Italy...

    BUT how many De niro,pacino...were we talking about,i only know one of each in Stardom Land,the unique and only DE NIRO...

    Dumdass?i wonder what your director's name was?...


    • 1st Jun 2006
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