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  • Jen Painter


    Hi there,

    I don't know about you lot, but I have found myself coming into more and more "self tape" auditions these days. As much as I appreciate the feeble efforts of my other half to stumble his way through a scene with me, I've been thinking it would be grand to have another pro on board. So if you are an actor - having the same kind of dilemma, based in East London (Hackney/Tower Hamlets?) and would like to start some kind of reciprocal audition buddy system for future self tapes, then write me back here? And if I can't help you (because you need a male - or someone older?) maybe someone else can!

    Would be good to, at some point maybe turn this into a FB group or something, but for the time being - any bites?

    Cheers! Jen

    • 22nd Feb 2017
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  • Michael Chase


    Hey Jen,

    I think this is a great idea! I've had some self-tape auditions come up with relatively short notice and it can be really hard to find someone to read in for you! Getting a couple of people on a list would be a smart move and it's always nice meeting other actors.

    I'm Hackney based near Broadway Market so hopefully not too far!

    Here's my number : 07790209510


    Mike x

    • 11th Mar 2015
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  • Jen Painter


    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your reply! I will send you a txt so you can message me if you need a scene buddy and vice versa! We'll see how this goes and hopefully we can get a few more people on board!


    • 12th Mar 2015
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  • Keith Hill


    Can I just throw in a thing for you to consider? I've heard from number of casters that you don't need this. the time spent trying to find someone 'adequate' to come and help might mean your audition doesn't get in before they reach saturation. It's all about you, and your reader should be off screen and almost off-mic. Some actually prefer a flat almost inaudible reader, so as not to pull focus. The main thing is to frame the shot and light it so that your performance can be seen, and not try anything flash. The advice I was given ended: 'just get it done QUICKLY with whatever you have to hand.

    • 12th Mar 2015
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  • Ian Mairs


    Hi Jen/Mike,

    Looks like we're all in the same area - I'm on the Hackney/TH border right near Broadway Market. I'd be up for this too if poss?

    • 12th Mar 2015
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  • Ipek Uzman


    Hi Jen, Mike and Ian,

    I think this is a great idea! I am around Shoreditch/Old Street which is very close to Hackney/Broadway Market.

    Let me know, cheers!

    • 13th Mar 2015
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  • Brian Croucher


    A good idea, very proactive, go for it kids. BC

    • 13th Mar 2015
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  • Robert (Bobby) Dowdeswell


    How east are we talking, I'm in Leyton.

    I'd be up for just doing some showreel material and this too.



    • 13th Mar 2015
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  • Jonathon Michaels


    Hi Guys, im based in Wapping

    im always up for a spot of collaboration for scenes, showreels or just a catch up over a bottle of wine and coming up with ideas for future projects

    • 13th Mar 2015
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  • Paul Dewdney


    I agree with Brian Croucher here completely; it’s a very pro-active attitude and one to be embraced. It is of course about providing the best that you possibly can within the time and circumstances at hand and speed of submission is always favourable. Naturally the reading is about your performance and articulation of the piece and the necessity to have the read-back off mic is not in principal correct, in fact I would suggest that the read-back IS audible as the will show your interpretation and timing of the dialogue to a greater extent. Either way creating set of people ‘ready to go’ at short notice is a really good idea and as my mate Brian said ‘go for it’ ;)

    • 14th Mar 2015
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  • Jen Painter


    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone!

    I agree, it would be great to have a network of actors to team up with when the opportunity arises. If not for audition tapes, then maybe as reading parters, showreel help or even future collaborations! With all this in mind I decided it would be beneficial to start a facebook group (as this post will get lost down the list soon enough!) I'll call it Actors East - but of course it'll be open to anyone across London and afar. Will hopefully get this up and running next week and will post the link here once I have. When I do, it'd be great if you would all like to join and spread the word!

    Cheers again for your support and look forward to seeing more of you all in the future.

    All the best - Jen

    • 15th Mar 2015
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  • User Deleted

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    Good idea Kate

    Leo 07598888149

    [email protected]


    • 16th Mar 2015
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  • Alessandro Marchese


    It sounds like a great idea, i'm always up to help, i live around whitechepel.

    [email protected]


    • 16th Mar 2015
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  • Simon Rhys-Jones


    A great idea, I'm happy to help...

    [email protected]m

    Jen, please let us all know when the FB group is up and running...



    • 19th Mar 2015
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  • Ian Mairs


    Hi Jen,

    I'm well up for this - problem is I'm not on facebook so I'd be out of that loop. But yes I' definitely a biter, happy to swap emails and we get in contact whenever each other needs a hand?


    • 19th Mar 2015
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  • Jen Painter


    Hello all!

    The group has been created! Much easier and less time consuming than I anticipated, so sorry for the delay, but I hope you will all join, share and enjoy!

    Please feel free to pass on to anyone who might be interested, have started out as a closed group to avoid spam, but don't worry, you'll all be accepted and should be able to accept others yourselves.

    Look forward to the potential of collaborating with some of you in the future!

    Jen x

    • 19th Mar 2015
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  • Shaun Cowlishaw


    Great idea!

    Just joined the fb group, live in SE but i'm more than happy to venture through a tunnel or over a bridge.


    • 20th Mar 2015
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  • Kristine Julika


    This is SO COOL!! Just joined!

    I recently had this - self-tape audition but no scene partners! Wow, yes, this is great - let's help each other!

    • 22nd Mar 2015
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  • Mia Mcliam


    HI I would like to be a part of this as I live in east London..



    • 23rd Mar 2015
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  • Jen Painter


    Hi Mia, we have started a facebook group - please join!

    • 24th Mar 2015
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