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Joe Palermo

I am quite concern how many so call casting directors want video recording , I do understand they need to see if there is an ability to do it, but expecting we need to have somebody read it with us for long dialogue or we must have a good qualities recording and often offering payment really ridiculous it seem to me too much ! I do work to pay the bills and I do not live in benefit or got any income support so has been very hard during the pandemic if not stressful ,yeah somebody will say if you want to be famous .... NB I always said no money no fame...... what do you feel about ???

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Hi Joe,
There is an extensive posting regarding this on the Mandy forum under 'self tapes'.
Have a read of the many posts. I hope this gives you some small comfort on how many of us feel the same as you!
Take care.

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Joe Palermo

they should be requesting if short listed,but the last two they request a professional shot ,even me as video director find that very hard to do ...

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We’re with you, you’re feelings aren’t alone. As Jimmy said this is gaining traction. An extensive petition is on this forum.

I’ve made a few comments on it myself.



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