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Alex Nicholson
Voice Artist

It's just occurred to me now that I'm starting out applying for jobs here, what exactly for a voice over artist is expected in a cover letter?
I'd assume something relatively similar to a cover letter for a regular job, I.E researching into the company and writing briefly about them (I know ordinarily you would write about how suited you are to a job but it's voice work, you're just a voice) and try to butter them up a bit.
How exactly should I write my cover letters?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Lewis Jones-Davies
Voice Artist

I think you might not be getting any replies to this because this is a fairly commonly asked question in the forums. I'm not the best person to offer advice but here's a link to a similar thread that includes advice on cover letters:

Look for Kasper Michael's responses, he offers some really valuable insights that have definitely helped me out. It's a wonder he doesn't charge for it.

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