learning from mistakes?

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    I've just got back from an audition for a film which I think went horribly wrong.

    I was invited along for a screen test with some other hopefuls. They put us together in different groups to see who looked good together etc. This, I get.

    A few days ago, I was emailed a script but not told who I was up for, so I briefly read through it , nothing too taxing and went along.

    Everybody else (around 25 people) had learned ALL of the lines.

    I felt a bit stupid, but then I thought I've never learned lines for a screen test before, especially if I don't know which character I'm up for.

    After all combinations had been exhausted, we were asked if we had any questions. Nobody did, but then somebody (auditionee) offered us all to do some impro. Now, I'm not afraid of impro, in fact I quite like it and am quite good at it. The director didn't think it was necessary, but before you know it the rest of the rabble had talked him into it.

    I had already been there for an hour so at this point I excused myself and left after thanking the director.


    Thought would be great


    • 25th Apr 2008
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  • Alan Brent


    Nice of you to say so, Blake. Now where the hell did I leave my specs?.....

    • 25th Apr 2008
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