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    Hi guys,

    I know a few people have been asking for the same thing... but I've got my first panto audition on wednesday (17/08) and haven't got much time to prepare. Is there any advice anyone could give me?

    I've wanted to do panto for ages, and would love to be a principle boy... but not being the world's best singer (had lessons etc but it was years ago) I'm a bit stumped as to what to prepare/what to avoid.

    The audition is for a company doing a few different pantos, so there's no specific brief or character choice... they've just said prepare a 2 minute drama piece and 2 contrasting songs.

    I'm used to working with kids, and am quite confident with 'larger than life' characters... but if there's any help anyone could give me with pieces etc I'd appreciate it loads!!

    Thanks xx

    • 14th Aug 2011
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  • Tom Murphy


    Well, if it's two songs, they usually want something up tempo and a ballad. You probably won't need to sing both. I'd start with the up tempo one (energy is good), the sort of song the character you want to play might sing, and pick one that shows off your range, whatever that is. As for a piece, something bright with a bit of humour, I think. Probably not the moment to do Lady Macbeth...

    • 14th Aug 2011
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  • Nicola Foxfield


    First of all pick something you're cofortable with. It's best to go with something you know well, even if its not 100% perfect for the audition than learn something new and fluff it in the audition.

    Singing is usually quite important for a principal boy so take a song thats shows off what you can do. The previous comment is right to suggest taking a ballad and an uptempo but if you get the choice and you're nervous about your singing uptempos are usually a safer bet. For panto I tend to take legit musical theatre songs like 'Anything Goes' because it is entertaining and you can get character into it. Obviously avoid anything that's overdone (On My Own from Les Mis etc). Also have a look at the company's website, if they have one to see what sort of shows they put on (traditional/modern etc) and this should help with your song choice. Or alternatively if you tell me what the company is I might be able to tell you about them, as myself and my friends between us have worked for a large number of panto companies over the last 10 years and I might be able to give you some ideas of what they're like.

    Do they ask for backing tracks or sheet music?

    Have you got a monologue in mind? If you have done kids shows before then something from one of those might help?

    I hope this helps :) and break a leg at your audition!


    • 14th Aug 2011
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