Picky or not! we're not reading a full script!!!

Tony Coughlan
Voice Over: Scottish

Hi everyone,

Hope you're getting on OK, I was debating whether to put this topic in rants & raves but since it's an auditioning piece I thought I'd put it in here. I have come across today (like a few of you maybe have) a full script to audition with i'm not gonna name the company as some of you have probably seen the post today.

But the words that have been used by the employer was 'please read the full script as client is picky' PICKY?!?! no matter how PICKY someone is you can still work out if you want to pick someone by 3 or 4 lines! this isn't on & it's still happening I've not applied for it on this principle.

Mandy this process is hard enough without doing full scripts that still have a risk of being stolen, this has been brought up by fellow artists on here, time & time again!! That's similar to doing a full screen test on the first round of film acting casting!!

Please please please stop companies posting full scripts, & if they really want more show a salary that reflects it!!!!


Editorial Comment Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting. We appreciate all feedback given to us by our users. The listing in question has expressed a preference for a reading of the whole script to be included in applications, but it is not mandatory in this case.

Unfortunately creative agencies are at times beholden to the wants of their clients, which inevitably impact upon the artist they hire. We do not condone full reads as a general rule, but our long-standing experience with this agency tells us that this is an exception to their usual methods. Their long and exemplary record with us also means we are confident in trusting them to respect the intellectual rights of the artist. The final choice does of course come down to the artist themselves, but we would not make it available if we had reason to believe it wasn't what it appears to be.

Kind regards,
The Mandy Admin Team

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Tony Coughlan
Voice Over: Scottish

I understand what you're saying but if their client needs a full read through to find out if a voice is right or not there is an issue & it's not ideal. Granted yes we don't have to apply for these roles, but the industry is asking us to jump through enough hoops as it is.

Those clients need to be educated in some way.

Kind regards


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Feyaza Khan
Voice Over: English

Based on reading here last year about some companies using voice “samples” without letting applicants know, I don’t mind reading a full script if it’s only a minute or so long - BUT not in quality. That needs paying for.

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