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Paul Baichoo

Hi, I'm writing a TV series, it's a comedy mockumentary with a hard social and political edge but raucously funny comedy about us as humans. I wrote it as a feature film but realised it was better as a series. I've written six episodes and want a younger more vigorous injection into its story. I'm looking for an emotionally intelligent, life experienced and able to laugh at themselves and the human condition.
When responding please remember - arrogance is ugly, honesty is rewarded.

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Toby Boydon

Hello, I read your post and am extremely interested in it. I have little experience in writing as I am a recent graduate but I am willing to learn and learn quickly. I have a huge love of comedy and I love the style of show you are going for. A lot of comedy that I love and am inspired by is similar to the project so I believe I would be able to bring something to the table. I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

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Andrea Gould

Hi Paul
Your TV series sounds very interesting. I've had some comedy experience, and I have good availability if you'd like to work with me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Creating a sketch show.
Looking to team up with Actor/writers
Creating sketch comedy is great fun and even better in a team! I’m based in Brighton - if anyone local wants to get involved, please get in contact!
Maurice :)

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Sorry I posted on the wrong page! Bad with computers! My apologies:)

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Interesting post, Paul! I’m an actor/writer and currently co-writing a sitcom myself. I’m a very character driven writer and usually start from there. I feel like there’s such a sweet spot with finding a good writing partner and you both need to mesh really well together so I’d be happy to talk further, if you’re interested!

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I'm an actor/writer. I've worked in theatre up until now, but know some screenwriting basics. I've bought 3 plays and a translation to the stage so far ( all adapted but I have some wholly original material). Im currently trying to get an adapted stageplay staged but its perpetually in the proposal stage.

My work has been historical and political and some of it comic. Its a particular style though. Id be more than happy to exchange scripts and see if we can find common ground.

[email protected]

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Some details of writing work on my insta page too by the way.

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