self tapes

  • Nathan Sussex



    was wondering what self tape backdrops people are using and can anyone recomend any.


    • 18th Jul 2020
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  • Tony Coughlan


    I just have a plain white wall, that helps me, but if you don't you can find some good photographic backgrounds on E bay, I've actually had a look myself to change it up a bit :)

    • 17th Jun 2020
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  • Heather Rome


    Some CDs recommend a plain grey or white cloth that you can temporarily wall mount with pins or tapes if you can't have a dedicated space (which doesn't have to be that big). Cheap to pick up at Wilkos, etc. or you can source it from your own stuff or a friend or relative. I've done that in our spare room to cover a bookcase as it has a bay window giving lots of natural light. But I've recently just used a white door in our upstairs hallway and my agent seems to prefer the light there. You can also get stiffer backgrounds on ebay or a simple roller blind that you could wall mount and pull down as needed. It all depends on where you live, the space you live in and how much light it gets.

    • 19th Jun 2020
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  • Jason Yip


    If you record on Zoom, the platform can auto-green screen your background to look like a variety of things, including plain colours.

    • 22nd Jun 2020
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  • Bella Major


    For my skin complexion my plain grey wall works nicely, my skin pops! A white wall/backdrop doesn’t give my skin the same glow. The wall is also situated opposite a huge window in my kitchen so the light floods in nicely, especially during “golden hour(s)”

    • 18th Jul 2020
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