Emma Stansfield
Voice Over: English

Hello, I'm relatively new to Mandy, and just wanted to know other candidate's views on slating their auditions. I always say my name and the job I'm auditioning for, before the script read. Is this what other people are doing?
Many thanks,

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Carla de Wansey
Voice Over: English

I don’t. I just put it in the covering letter and it’s on the MP3 file name. I recently did a webinar with VON ( Voice over network) and one of the CD’ S said they did not like’s a personal thing so do what you feel best doing..

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Ricky Zalman
Voice Over: English

This came up a lot in several Gravy For The Brain courses, and I think a general rule is to always slate, unless told not to. That's what I go by! :)

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Tony Coughlan
Voice Over: Scottish

I don’t bother with slating unless it’s a video for my agent not through this. My information is in the application and with CDs & companies going through so many audio recordings they just want to get straight into the work rather than hear 100 plus ‘Hi my names.......’ but as Carla says it’s what works for you.

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Brendan McCoy
Voice Over: English

I used to slate but not anymore as a lot of CD seem to really dislike it. But I always put my name in the file name and almost never record the full script for the demo as I've had a couple of people use my demo reads without paying me beforehand, one from here on mandy as well!

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David Jacobs
Voice Over: English

Hi Emma.
Slating was probably more of a thing in the 'olden days' where someone as young as me wouldn't have been trying to land a gig.

Nowadays, with so many people applying for these jobs (as someone else here pointed out), companies are probably more interested in just hearing the audition content. That is if they even bother to open it up (don't get me started on that!). Put it in the filename or additional info section if you're on Audacity and about to export to MP3/WAV.

Also, welcome to our world!
Best of luck! Stay safe and have a lovely xmas.

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