Why are sample scripts so long?

Sivan Raphaely
Voice Over: English

Hi Everyone

I've been in this industry for a long time and whenever I have had to record samples for clients, they never require the entire script. I'm concerned that the samples that clients ask for here are indeed their entire script and that when we send a beautifully edited audition version to them they could simply use that for the job. I have been toying with only sending a sample of the sample, surely a paragraph is enough?
I have had friends bring this up with me as well and they purposefully leave off tag lines, or the last lines of samples.
Anyone else concerned about this?

Mandy, is there any way you could impose a limit on sample scripts so that we can feel protected.

Many thanks

Editorial Comment Hi Sivan,
We currently have a 2 minute length limit on our demo read function, and we always ask the employer to only attach a sample of the script to be provided, rather than the entire script. We review every job, and should a sample script be added that is longer than we would expect for the job type, we follow up with the employer to ask that this is reduced.
Should you have further feedback or concerns that you wish to raise to us, please feel free to contact emails@mandy.com with these and we'll be happy to help.

Best wishes,
The Mandy Admin Team

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Steph Bower
Voice Over: Scottish

Thanks everyone for voicing EXACTLY what I have been thinking. The longers scripts also really need to be edited so need to be recorded, editited and uploaded - rather than using the onscreen recording facitlity, otherwise they will sound completley amatureish. Mandy please can you advise your clients on the rules when they post? Its only curteous. Many are perhaps new to the game and dont realise what needs to be requesed and what doesnt. Thanks

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Rupert Stutchbury
Voice Over: English

Hi everyone, while I concur with everything written above I do actually think that all the problems mentioned are quite a good reason for recording audition tapes using the Mandy onscreen recording system because the clients know the sound quality isn't brilliant, but they can get a good impression of what you voice and timing are like. I got a job recently using it which I really didn't expect to get and it took me literally 45 seconds to record rather than the ages taken to do a full home studio recording and edit. I am now a convert!

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Mark Nicolson
Voice Over: English

This one I did last month was crazy... FIVE MINUTES... and not the easiest read in the world...

“No trace anywhere of life, you say,

pah, no difficulty there,

imagination not dead yet,

yes, dead, good,

imagination dead imagine.

Islands, waters, azure, verdure,

one glimpse and vanished,

endlessly, omit.

Till all white

in the whiteness the rotunda.

No way in, go in, measure.

Diameter three feet,

three feet from ground

to summit of the vault.

Two diameters at right angles


divide the white ground into two semicircles


Lying on the ground two white bodies,

each in its semicircle.

White too the vault and the round wall

eighteen inches high … from which it springs.

Go back out,

a plain rotunda,

all white in the whiteness,
go back in,

rap, solid throughout,

a ring as in the imagination

the ring of bone.

The light that makes all so white

no visible source,

all shines with the same white shine,

ground, wall, vault, bodies, no shadow.

Strong heat, surfaces hot

but not burning to the touch,

bodies sweating.

Go back out, move back,

the little fabric vanishes,


it vanishes,

all white in the whiteness,

descend, go back in.

Emptiness, silence, heat, whiteness, wait,

the light goes down,

all grows dark together,

ground, wall, vault, bodies,

say twenty seconds,
all the greys,

the light goes out,

all vanishes.

At the same time the temperature goes down,

to reach its minimum,

say freezing-point,

at the same instant that the black is reached,

which may seem strange.

Wait, more or less long,

light and heat come back,

all grows white and hot together,

ground, wall, vault, bodies,

say twenty seconds,

all the greys,

till the initial level is reached whence the fall began.

More or less long,

for there may intervene,

experience shows,

between end of fall

and beginning of rise,

pauses of varying length,

from the fraction of the second to what would have seemed,

in other times, other places, an eternity.

Same remark for the other pause,

between end of rise and beginning of fall.

The extremes,

as long as they last,

are perfectly stable,

which in the case of the temperature may seem strange,

in the beginning.

It is possible too, experience shows,

for rise and fall to stop short at any point and mark a pause,

more or less long, before resuming,

or reversing, the rise now fall,

the fall rise,

these in their turn to be completed,

or to stop short and mark a pause,

more or less long, before resuming,

or again reversing, and so on,

till finally one or the other extreme is reached.

Such variations of rise and fall,

combining in countless rhythms,

commonly attend the passage from white and heat

to black and cold,

and vice versa. “

Not even a thank you!

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Bruce Bowden
Voice Over: English

Mandy needs to reduce all scripts to half of what the client has posted, or something similar automatically. This could be done by simple software.
It doesn't matter if we read just a few lines instead of the whole script if some newbie reads it all and the client uses it instead of hiring someone.
We and the newbie would be totally unaware and not get many jobs if any. Come to think about it, that seems to be what is happening.

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Tracy Rakira
Voice Over: English

I also wanted to add that long demo scripts are also being posted in the job description as to circumvent the word cap.

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Christina John
Voice Over: English

Thanks for highlighting this Sivan. I've just recently joined back up with Mandy after some time and noticed most castings were requiring the whole script. My instinct immediately was that these long voiceover full scripts are being used for public use.

I have actually been bypassing applying to any ad I now see with full script.. Mandy voices you need to reduce the time for these auditions to one minute. This is immoral and unprofessional and its shocking that people in this industry are so corrupt.

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