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    Hello guys I have 5 short film scripts with me. I am going to direct this 5 films to launch them at film festivals and boost my career. They are all brilliant and some of them I do believe can go a really long way in film festivals and distribution.

    All I can tell you about them for now is that they are TWO Horror Stories, TWO comedies and ONE Drama. Almost all of them with 1 to 2 pages long so all, except one can be shoot in one day (each of course) and the bigger one (but not so big) in 2 days. I can tell you more if you show your interest in joining and create a team.

    I am recent to London, arrived in October 2016 after spending 7 years in the Portuguese Film Industry. I came here to further my career. So I would like to get to know you and build a team and takes to the top. For the horror films the plan is to make something like the short film "Lights Out". It won several film festivals some years ago and the team behind it were invited by warner to do a feature version of it and are now booked for more features.

    So I am a Writer / Directed and that will be my position on the films.

    If you are a:

    - Producer

    - DOP

    - Camera

    - Compositor

    - Sound Director

    - Set Decorator

    - Makeup Artist

    - Costume Designer

    - Editor

    - AD

    - Storyboard Artist

    - and anything tied to a production job

    College Students or Recent Graduates are welcome to also apply but only as an assistant to any main position.

    Please email me and we will take more from that point on.

    To find more about me go to www.ruipedrosousa.com

    Let me say again that the stories are really amazing, the writers behind it are great writers and I do believe this will bring a lot of new opportunities to the ones involved in it.


    Rui Pedro Sousa

    • 12th Mar 2017
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  • Ann Nguyen



    I'm an animator on my final year of university and I have worked on several animation storyboard. I'd really love to join your team for the storyboard artist/ assistant position. This will be my first time working on storyboard for short films and I'm really excited to challenge myself.

    I also love directing so if you would allow me to be your assistant that would be awesome!

    Please feel free to contact me through my email [email protected]

    Thank you,

    Ann Nguyen

    • 16th Jan 2017
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  • Gabriel Stanger

    Director of Photography

    I am contacting you as I am a DOP now based in London. I am looking for representation and I am impressed by the work you produce. I think I would be a great addition to your agency.

    You can see my work including features, and my DP work on my website:


    I have worked as a DOP and Director on short films, music videos, documentaries and commercials with a range of camera’s including ARRI Alexa, Red Dragon, Scarlet and Epic, Sony F55 and F65, as well as 35MM and 16 MM. I have experience working on different camera production jobs, including features and commercials, requiring different sets of skills and abilities which has helped me in my work as a DOP.

    I originally studied Cinematography at Madrid Film School (ECAM), after which I became a camera trainee at EPC (www.epc.es) preparing all of the equipment needed for professional productions. I understand the ever-changing demands of film production and thrive on it. Whilst in Spain I was commissioned to work as DP on a number of shoots including shorts, music video’s and documentaries.

    For me making films is a journey. Depending on the project I am an interpreter, navigator, driver or silent observer. I materialise ideas and visions into a journey of light, space and character. I understand what the client wants and work with them to make sure they are happy with the result. I pride myself on this.

    Kind regards,

    Gabriel Stanger

    • 16th Jan 2017
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  • Arthur Harrison



    I've just seen your post and was very impressed by the work displayed on your website. I would be very interested in working with you on as many of the films you have listed as you would need me to.

    I myself am a Video Editor currently working for a Post House in London where I do various jobs on some of the UKs highest rated TV shows. I'm looking for the chance to work with directors on their short films so I can build up my reel of narrative editing (and of course to make some long lasting contacts which is what this industry is all about!). Though I have a few credits of narrative work I want to build on this as narrative drama is ultimately what I want to do. I just love telling stories!

    I'd be very interested in talking further with you about your projects and whether I could help as an editor. Incase you need to know I am trained to edit on all three of the major NLE including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Nedia Composer.

    I hope to hear from you further about your project.


    Arthur Harrison

    Video Editor

    • 17th Jan 2017
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    Hi I'm a final year film student. I would be very interested in joining your team as an assistant editor. I have been involved in several projects at university in the post production department, particularly as the editor. I am also trained in Avid Media Composer, Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro and imovie. This would be my first film project outside of university.

    Please feel free to contact me on [email protected].

    Thank you for your time,


    Emma Briggs

    • 17th Jan 2017
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    Position interested:

    Assistant of DOP/Camera/editor

    Hello, I'm a computer graphics, imaging and multimedia second year student. I would love to join your team to create some amazing films. I wish to build up my portfolio and gain more experience in the film industry as this is my dream career. I have been involving in some editing work in University TV station and I also create vlogs and dance videos by myself. I am familiar with different editing software such as Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and After Effects and I am a quick learner. It would be my pleasure to join your team!

    Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your time.

    Contact: [email protected]



    • 20th Jan 2017
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  • Sunny Dhaliwal

    Director of Photography

    Hi Rui

    I have several years of production experience working as both a Director and cinematographer. Im always on the look out for collaborations and I would love to help you on your short film projects.

    My showreel: vimeo.com/165464099

    Thanks for your time

    Kind Regards

    Sunny Dhaliwal

    [email protected]

    • 23rd Jan 2017
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  • Jasmine Rider

    Editor (Assistant)

    Position interested: Editor assistant


    I have recently graduated with a BA Honours degree in Film and Screen Studies with three years’ experience in film/video editing. From this collaboration, I would gain more experience working in film/TV industry and it would build up my portfolio. I am passionate about film/video editing, have excellent attention to detail and editing work is well suited for the environment I would like to work in. My degree and professional work experience, including work with BBC Bristol and [email protected], has confirmed to me that my career aspirations lie in working in television and film companies in editing and post-production. In my role at [email protected], I worked alongside editors in a professional environment. This is where I gained the ability to prioritise duties to meet the editors’ needs.

    I have gained strong administration and IT skills especially in Microsoft Office. During and after completing FdA Film and Media Production Arts, I became experienced in all aspects of Final Cut Pro X and I also own this editing software. I have also gained knowledge of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro 7. All of my films and projects except my recent film are edited in Final Cut Pro X. These include documentaries and short fiction films, which are shown in my website.

    Looking forward to hear from you, and feel free to contact me and a look at my portfolio in my website.

    Contact: [email protected]

    Website: poool.co.uk/jasmine-rider/

    Your sincerely,

    Jasmine Rider

    • 23rd Jan 2017
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  • Colin Freeman


    I have no experience, maybe a fresh prospective

    Kind regards

    Colin Freeman

    • 26th Jan 2017
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  • Rikki Hanson

    Sound Recordist

    Hi Rui

    Young sound recordist looking to get more credits under my belt

    have own equipment

    please check out my website www.hansonsoundltd.com

    thank you

    • 31st Jan 2017
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    Position - Sound Assistant/ Boom Operator

    Hi Rui,

    I am a university graduate with a real interest in production sound. I've worked as a sound mixer and boom operator on a variety of projects.

    I am looking for new and exciting opportunities within sound to give me more experience in the industry.



    Looking forward to hearing from you!



    • 1st Feb 2017
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    Position - Sound Assistant/ Boom Operator

    Hi Rui,

    I am a university graduate with a real interest in production sound. I've worked as a sound mixer and boom operator on a variety of projects.

    I am looking for new and exciting opportunities within sound to give me more experience in the industry.



    Looking forward to hearing from you!



    • 3rd Feb 2017
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    Hey Rui,

    Really interested in the films your working on!

    I'm currently a student at the University Of Edinburgh and I'd absolutely love the opportunity to be an assistant for the projects your involved in. I have specialised in electronic music composition which in turn has given me 5 years experience in sound design, audio mixing and audio mastering as well as collaborative skills with other musicians, composers & record labels.

    My work has included:

    5 Year - Electronic Music Composer/ Sound Designer/ Mixing & Mastering Engineer (Winning 2/3 composition competitions I have entered).

    Edinburgh University Television - Composer

    Edinburgh Movie Production Society - Composer & Sound Designer

    Edinburgh Video Game Society - Composer, Sound Designer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer and Foley Artist.

    Alveria - Polysoft Studios (Upcoming New Zealand based Video Game Company) - Lead Sound Designer, Composer & Mixing & Mastering Engineer

    Wellington College Television - Composer, Editor & Mixing & Mastering Engineer

    I am constantly trying to find ways I can use my passion in audio to accomplish creative projects with other people both locally and internationally, whether it be paid or UNPAID work. And I strongly believe that my devotion to my passion alongside the amount of work I have put into a variety of projects over the years has far exceeded my age.

    Here is a link to only a small portion of my work: www.dropbox.com/sh/bmunbhhcvwu4m5x/AABqsscTiZ89hf_aK400VeKla?dl=0

    • 7th Feb 2017
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  • Francesco Cirilli

    Production Assistant

    Hi Rui,

    congratulations for your reel, it's very good.

    As yourself, I recently moved to London to work on bigger and promising projects. Your request looks like a good opportunity to get more experience and at the same time help you in producing your scripts.

    I used to work as a self-shooting videographer, I don't have much experience in the film industry but I assisted as floor runner on a couple of short films and a feature film here in London. I don't want to apply for a main position, but I would be happy to assist a more experienced professional, possibly in the AD department.

    Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

    Thank you,


    • 7th Feb 2017
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  • Jade Bradley-Dixon

    Make-up Artist

    Hi Rui,

    Position : MAKE UP ARTIST

    I am a Media Make Up Artist that is VERY interested in jumping on board to these very exciting projects of yours.

    I have worked with DeCantillon Films as the Make Up Designer and Artist for a short film which is an ongoing project developing into a stage play and feature film.

    I would love to collab please check out my website:


    Kind Regards

    • 7th Feb 2017
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  • Natasha Kutrovacz

    Costume Designer


    Hello Rui,

    My name is Natasha Kutrovacz, I am a Costume Designer originally coming from LA. I would love to collaborate with you on your upcoming projects! I've been designing for a bit but love working with new talented individuals, and am still in the process of building a network here.

    To see my work, please visit my website at


    Kind Regards,

    Natasha Kutrovacz

    • 13th Feb 2017
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  • User Deleted

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    Position: Composer/Sound Designer

    Hi Rui,

    I am impressed by the work you've made. Congratulations!

    I’m a music composer & sound designer with over 5 years of active experience in music industry and 20 years of musician background (gigging around Europe & guitar tutor). Music & sound design are my passion. I compose bespoke music for film, brand content, commercial ads, trailers, TV, animations but as well I do audio post production works: editing, mixing and mastering.

    I provide the highest quality of work, the most efficient solution and meeting of tight deadlines. I am flexible, reliable and extremely creative.

    I am here to offer you my expert and best skills to contribute the success of your projects. I can guarantee to you my hardest work, creativity and film loving attitude.

    If you like my profile: www.victorhowarth.co.uk (where you can check some of my works), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    All the best,



    • 13th Feb 2017
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  • Vicenzo Bosa

    Sound Editor

    Hey Rui.

    Hope you are well.

    My name is Vicenzo Bosa. I work with audio post production, based in London, creating sound effects, sound design, foley and mixing projects for film, web and TV and I have over 4 years of professional experience in this area.

    My story is very similar to yours. I'm from Brazil and I arrived here in London in September 2015, with the intention of boosting my career. I'm very keen to getting involved in interesting projects here in the UK.

    Let me know if my profile is what you're looking for so we can have a chat! Also, you can check my website at www.vicenzobosa.com to take a look at some of my projects.

    Best Regards,

    Vicenzo Bosa.

    • 17th Feb 2017
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  • Vincent Boardman



    I am interested in Boom operating and assistant sound design/ composition.

    I have worked on the mixed booed operated and scored sound for short films and documentaries over the last two years.

    Here is my Sound cloud.


    Hope to work with you soon!

    • 20th Feb 2017
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    Hello, Rui,

    I am Harumi, currently studying in Costume Design in Wimbledon college of Art. It would be great if I can join your team as a costume assistant in the upcoming project. I have worked as costume and wardrobe department in short film. Consider myself as a hard worker and want to gain an experience here.

    Best Regards,

    Harumi Hirata

    • 20th Feb 2017
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