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    Hello guys I have 5 short film scripts with me. I am going to direct this 5 films to launch them at film festivals and boost my career. They are all brilliant and some of them I do believe can go a really long way in film festivals and distribution.

    All I can tell you about them for now is that they are TWO Horror Stories, TWO comedies and ONE Drama. Almost all of them with 1 to 2 pages long so all, except one can be shoot in one day (each of course) and the bigger one (but not so big) in 2 days. I can tell you more if you show your interest in joining and create a team.

    I am recent to London, arrived in October 2016 after spending 7 years in the Portuguese Film Industry. I came here to further my career. So I would like to get to know you and build a team and takes to the top. For the horror films the plan is to make something like the short film "Lights Out". It won several film festivals some years ago and the team behind it were invited by warner to do a feature version of it and are now booked for more features.

    So I am a Writer / Directed and that will be my position on the films.

    If you are a:

    - Producer

    - DOP

    - Camera

    - Compositor

    - Sound Director

    - Set Decorator

    - Makeup Artist

    - Costume Designer

    - Editor

    - AD

    - Storyboard Artist

    - and anything tied to a production job

    College Students or Recent Graduates are welcome to also apply but only as an assistant to any main position.

    Please email me and we will take more from that point on.

    To find more about me go to www.ruipedrosousa.com

    Let me say again that the stories are really amazing, the writers behind it are great writers and I do believe this will bring a lot of new opportunities to the ones involved in it.


    Rui Pedro Sousa

    • 12th Mar 2017
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    Hey Guys and sorry for not answering.

    It has been such long weeks. Saddly all positions for the shorts are already booked by people that contacted by private messages.

    But I will for sure keep all your contacts for future projects for sure.

    Kind Regards,

    Rui Pedro Sousa

    • 21st Feb 2017
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  • Wild Track UK // Luke French

    Sound Editor

    Hi Rui,

    We at Wild Track UK are reaching out to you to offer our audio production services.

    About us:

    Wild Track UK is a two person London based audio production company specialising in producing professional on-location recording and sound design, editing and mixing for feature films, television shows, short films, documentaries and adverts.

    The company was established in 2016 during our final months of an audio production degree at SAE Institute London. Born out of our shared desired passion to be able to offer professional quality on-location and post production sound for various visual projects, we decided to form Wild Track UK. With many frustrating experiences having to clean up bad quality audio from less than ideal on-location recordings, we decided that being responsible for post production was not always enough if directors wanted the sound to match the brilliance of the visuals on screen.

    Our passion to carry your projects sound through every aspect of your project means that we can minimise your costs as well as boost the efficiency and speed of the entire process, keeping a consistent professional quality. As an emerging company who has worked on over 20 projects in the last six months, we are looking for new exciting projects to work on.

    Website: www.wildtrackuk.com/

    Showreel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3x1j6ixT0k

    If you are interested please contact us via:

    Email: [email protected]


    Telephone: 07914010247


    Luke from Wild Track UK

    • 21st Feb 2017
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  • Mike Goreham

    Camera Operator

    Hi there

    I'm a 3rd year film and vfx student and wedding videographer

    I am really hoping to get into film when I graduate and can offer a range if skills. I am mostly competent in DOP, EDITING, COMPOSTING, SOUND RECORDING AND DIRECTOR roles

    I hope to hear from you

    Mike G

    • 1st Mar 2017
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  • Richard Kett



    If you are looking for a composer to score any of these short films, please do get in touch.

    You can checkout my showreel at www.shortscore.co.uk.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Richard Kett

    • 9th Mar 2017
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  • Cheng Zeng



    My name is Cheng Zeng. Position interested : DOP/Cam/AD. I am very impressed by the work you make and would love to be a part of the journey.

    I have been working in video, TV and film production for a few years. I was appointed as production manager on chinese reality show China Football Dream and AD in TV serial Fate by SMG picture. I am looking forward to further my career and build local connection.

    This is my vimeo page which includes my own work:vimeo.com/user37915152

    Many thanks.


    • 13th Mar 2017
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