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    hi everyone!

    has anybody heard of JLM Personal management agency?

    I've got an interview with them but can't find anything about them...

    • 28th Sep 2020
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  • Mark Joseph


    I interviewed for them. The office is in Chiswick.

    The office was nice, professional atmos, and they seemed to realy know the business.


    • 1st Jun 2006
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  • Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson


    While I have not heard from JLM, I'm finding that a few MANAGEMENT and COMMERCIAL agents have contacted me via however, nothing has really come from it. There are many agencies on my page that have reviewed my profile. I either get a call, email etc. We have conversations and nothing. I get a lot of auditions and work via actors access and LA CASTING. Just saying.

    • 28th Sep 2020
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