Best printer?

  • Damien Hughes


    Hi, I've started to realise this year that being an actor is like running my own business. Which is remarkably fun actually. With that in mind I'm going to get an all-in-one printer (photocopier/scanner/fax), but I'm not sure which one to get. I'll need it to send letters to agents etc, head shots, print out scripts, fax important documents (play rights), make copies of documents and the list probably goes on. Anyone got a tip on one they like or where to get a cheaper one?

    • 4th Jul 2020
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  • Mark Kempner


    It is a good idea to get an all in one as it does it all and saves space, one connection to the PC etc....but do consider IF one bit of it goes wrong, you are without everything whilst it is being repaired!

    Look around for one that uses several Ink tanks for the they are cheaper to run and replace on the whole.

    I strongly advise using the correct manufactures own ink can get away with copied cartridges....but it often does not work as well and can cause a lot of repair issues...also I think you will find it affects the warrenty of the machine in the 1st year.

    Get one which can also print directly on to Printable CD's and DVD faces.

    Canon are renowned for their reliability and print quality.

    Xerox are prob the best...but the dearest to buy as well!

    Check out the big stores PC world, Staples etc....fiddle and play with them (the machines I mean!)....note the model number....and then look on line! Dabs etc ...any of the IT kit retailers on line will do a much better deal than the high street stores .....but do watch the postage fees. It's worth checking Ebay as well……but be very selective and careful on Ebay. However, you might find a great deal on a 2nd user machine which you could see working before committing to purchase.

    Go with a "recognised" brand... always ….as you will have less issues when a repair is required!! Canon, HP, Epson etc. I think Canon are usually better made overall.

    Check out you can read the feedback from other users who made the purchase.

    Wander down the stores at Tot Ct Road....and never be afraid of asking for a better deal (ive never paid shop price yet in Tot Ct road!) ....get them to throw in extra ink etc the ink provided when new is only a trial amount usually!

    Check out this link:

    ....that's my advice!

    • 15th Jun 2010
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  • User Deleted

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    Hi Damien.

    Just to add my own thoughts to Mark's, really.

    I have JUST bought a Canon PIXMA MP560 Wi-Fi Ready Premium All-In-One Photo Printer from AMAZON.COM.

    Canon ARE excellent printers and, as Mark points out, each colour has its own cartridge.

    ADDITIONALLY, there is an opinion that Canon's ink cartridges don't dry up as quickly as other products.

    THIS model does NOT have a FAX.

    Do you really need a FAX as you can do all that from your PC IF you have to?

    It keeps the price right down.

    This Canon model has good write-ups on the Amazon site and incorporates printer, copier and scanner.

    Like a lot of Canon products, you can be as complex as you want to be but if, like me, you prefer simplicity then the enclosed software gets you up and running in no time!

    IF you want it hard wired to the PC then, as I did, purchase a Belkin PRO Series Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Device Cable - USB cable - 4 PIN USB Type A (M) - 4 PIN USB Type B (M) - 1.8 m ( USB / Hi-Speed USB ) with the SAME order.

    It's up to you, but I would strongly advise AGAINST buying an Epsom printer!

    I have had a very bad time with TWO of them.

    Good Luck,

    Best wishes.

    • 15th Jun 2010
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  • Nigel Peever


    I use a HP Photosmart D5160 as there weren't that many that would do full face printable DVD's it's all about presentation with these things after all:-) I also need it for flogging my animations too.

    Easy thing to overlook a dvd face printer.

    • 15th Jun 2010
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  • Mark Joseph


    I have a super-duper Canon all-in-one printer, but it has one downfall. Smudging.

    Even with really good paper and ink, it still smudges when I try to highlight scripts, which as you can imagine, is a pain in the arse. In that respect I'd advise a laser.

    • 15th Jun 2010
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  • User Deleted

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    I have an Epson Stylus and the only reason i got it was because it was on sale at Tesco.


    Still, it prints well, and I've had no troubles with it. Scans and photocopies too.

    • 15th Jun 2010
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  • Angela Peters


    Hey Damien,

    Check out Argos. I know it sounds ridiculous but they have a million different ones. I bought an all in one printer from them for about £40 and it's amazing. Prints photos, cvs, scans, etc. It's brilliant. Who would have thought.

    Good luck shopping,


    • 18th Jun 2010
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  • Joseph Stallone


    I would recommend Envy 5055 here. HP ENVY 5055 is a near-perfect wireless All-In-One printer with great performance and strong feature set for the home user. It also boasts terrific connectivity with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity as well as support for third-party apps including Apple AirPrint , Mopria and HP's ePrint. You can read a more detailed review and further features of this printer here I am personally using it with no complains yet.

    • 2nd Jul 2020
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  • Andrew Gruffudd


    It depends what you want it for, but the best printer I ever had was a laser printer. I can't tell you the make, model or anything (we're talking 2004), but I'm talking about the principle here. Ink-jets can give a good performance, and they are generally quicker than the laser, especially for colour pictures - but the quality of the laser is superior in every way. The colours won't run, and the pictures are pin-sharp, depending on what you go for. I think mine cost me about £300, second-hand on e-bay - yes, they are expensive, but you get your money's worth.

    • 4th Jul 2020
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