Editing - Short to Long Form Work

Hi everyone,

I hope we're all well today?

For all those in post production out there, what advice would you give to an editor looking to make a move from short form, to longer form content like documentary, feature, and series work, either as an assist/offline editor.

When it comes to the latter as well, is there a growing use of Premiere Pro, or does AVID still remain the top choice?

Thanks, and have a great day all.

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I made the jump for a no-budget film I worked on. I used FCP7 (I know crazy old, but I know it so well) It's far more tasking and has required a lot more patience, organisation and 12 TB external hard drives.
You really have to be passionate about what you are working on as well, because in my case I've been looking at it since 2018. Of course thats no-budget filmmaking for you :)

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