Feeling Discouraged

  • Mikhail Cucuk


    I've been subscribed to this network on and off for almost 4 years now, and I've applied to hundreds of music composer gigs made available through this network. Even so, I've yet to land a single paying gig (I've only ever landed one gig, and it was only for copy and credit). This dry spell is affecting my demo reel in that it now looks as though it's been years since my last gig, which I fear may hurt my odds of landing a gig. I don't what exactly I'm doing wrong, and I'm starting to feel discouraged. I know I shouldn't give up so easily, but at the same time, don't want to keep being subscribed to a network that won't help advance my career as a film composer.

    Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

    • 12th Dec 2019
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  • Greg Sgammato


    Hi Mikhail,

    I'm replying to this as someone who has just come back from over a year-long Mandy hiatus for the same reason.

    You're not alone in this feeling. There are numerous productions here that aren't looking for composers. That means the projects that are hiring become inundated with applications from composers looking for that one Mandy project that could potentially establish an offline relationship. When it comes down to it, the composer position doesn't seem as valued here as it could be, or as we'd want it to be.

    My director friend (that eventually hired me) said he once received over 100 composer applications on Mandy: that's $14.99 per month from 100 of us looking for the one available job (paid or not). With that, I don't think it's wrong to consider leaving Mandy for a while to look for alternatives: Facebook groups, Reddit, GoFundMe projects, Instagram DMs (no joke), or the burgeoning Utah film scene.

    With that being said, some of my best gigs have been found here - gigs that have either connected me to other industry professionals or have gotten the attention of bigger projects.

    I can't see anything wrong with the credits or music samples on your profile. Though I've never seen any of your projects, it seems you're a competent professional who could be capable of getting a lot of work here or elsewhere.

    It can seem like a never-ending struggle to get a foot in here, but upon my hiatus I realized this site is not a fair model of the industry itself. We composers are needed, whether employers here think so or not. From personal experience: take a break from Mandy and write some music for yourself or your creative friends. This site is getting plenty of $14.99's from the rest of us.

    Hope it works out,


    • 14th Oct 2019
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  • John Vincent McCauley


    Mikhail, it’s been five years since I have been on this site and it was on this site I got a big break into scoring indie features by responding to an add and auditioning ( scoring three scenes from the film) and getting that job.

    So one plus here is that the leads are mostly authentic and valid jobs not so much with other sites. Having said that yes it’s tough there are so many applicants now for posted and unposted jobs. So it’s not a reflection of your talent but the current market condition. I would say you have to find leads in other places and pursue them like IMDB pro and kick starter like sites.

    My advice would be to try and market yourself in the niche you do best and find your own unique voice within that niche not spread your self too thin. Be careful not to sound like everyone else and fall into generic orchestral cues as a demo platform. You can develop your work into an identity over time. In my case I pointed my reel towards a heavier upbeat sound for the most part with a few musical demonstration in the form of transitions and some ambient.... I am really trying to focus my sound in what I do best and stand out that way instead of advocating I can do everything and anything a director might need. Believe me if they like your sound once you get on board you will be asked to do a lot and sometimes it seems like everything but up front it’s a very specific search they are conducting, looking for.

    Finally enjoy the craft, I hope some of this helps.

    • 15th Oct 2019
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  • Dan Frederick Pitts

    Sound Recordist


    I’m feeling the same way. It’s not a career path with a beaten path! Just remember not to take it personally and that getting a job is also a job! Good luck!

    • 9th Dec 2019
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  • Perry Simpson


    I'm (super) early stages in my career, so budgets are low. But, I'm actively looking for someone to score my latest short film.

    Issue is, again, down to budget.

    • 10th Dec 2019
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  • Vanessa Williams

    Production Assistant

    I'm HOPING someone can help me with links to were I can find or submit for funding for my sitcom. I have 6 episodes written. I'd like to find funding to get the pilot shot. Ultimately, I'd like to find a distributor. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and BEST WISHES to all your endeavors as well.

    • 12th Dec 2019
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  • Vanessa Williams

    Production Assistant

    Oh, I should have left my e-mail. It's [email protected] and again THANK YOU for any leads for finding any help to find funding to get my sitcom into production.

    • 12th Dec 2019
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