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  • Gavin Moore


    Hello guys, I've been offered a chance to take part in this acting program called "Hey Hollywood hear I come" I understand the project is not a free ticket to stardom (because there isnt one!) but is there something in it? is there anyone in ccp land who's been on it befor? It's quit a bit of money and I'm just considering if its worth it for me?

    And advice is welcome

    Kind regards


    • 14th Aug 2013
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  • Steven Elliott


    Save your monet and quite when you're ahead. I here they can't spell.

    • 25th Jul 2013
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  • Gregory Cathcart


    Hello Gavin,

    Do not take this advice with a pinch of salt, take it exactly how it is said and all the fortune and fate to you; HHHIC will offer you what it says it will according the "slate" you take: silver, gold or platinum. Each one fulfils its purpose so it's up to you which to take on, either way those 30 LA Agents will be there on the last day waiting to see you perform, and if they like you they will call you back. Ensure you rehearse and take it seriously. You will also meet an attorney as well to help you understand the process of gaining an actors visa for the US should you wish to get one. Additionally, I emplore you to think "business" while your there: are you a product that will make money? Are you marketable? Are you worthy of US television? Etc. don't do drama in the monologue, do something meaningful but with comedy in it because this is LA - smiles and sunshine. It'll help. Otherwise, if you wanna do it, do it seriously and enjoy the ride and you'll most probably earn yourself a possible agent in the LA area. Good luck.

    • 25th Jul 2013
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  • Forbes KB


    Do your due diligence and research HHHIC with a clear head and a business mind. Having seen this post, I've just spent the past 5 mins banging in the names of their "success stories" into IMDb and only 3 of them rank higher than 1,000,000 in their system if they even list on IMDb at all. Obviously each actors view on what is success or not is individual to that actor however if I was to go to LA obviously I'm looking to screen actor otherwise I'd be heading to New York. As a screen actor I'd expect to have some sort of presence on IMDb or I wouldn't consider myself successful at all.

    The facts are this and are pretty hard to swallow. If you aren't already a successful actor over here first your chances of being a successful actor over there are pretty much non-existant and it's one hell of an expensive holiday.

    Save your money. Do your research and preparations properly and you can do pretty much everything HHHIC provide yourself for a fraction of the price.

    • 29th Jul 2013
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  • Veronica Ellis



    I love to study, learn new things and develop new skills as well. I know nothing about this company, but I have had a couple of friends travel to LA and not get much in return.

    I think you need a number of credits behind you before you present yourself to the agents etc. I have been working with a teacher who has Skype students in LA, they are all doing really well but they all went there with good TV credits on their CV and great showreels. He suggested that you need something like that behind you.

    Good luck with you acting and development.

    Veronica ;-)

    • 1st Aug 2013
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  • Lee Saunders


    I have mixed feelings about it after going to their website.

    The woman in their promo video was pretty wooden and looked like she was reading a teleprompter. Learn your lines and be human!

    The people on their programme gave a better feeling about it. However, there are no showreels of them in post programme shoots. Lots of touched up headshots though.

    How much is it? They've hidden the price.

    No contact information and their website whois data is private, so no way of finding out their registered address. I have made a trace to Melbourne, but that's not a clear indication.

    As there are no contact details at all, I do not trust them.

    • 2nd Aug 2013
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  • User Deleted

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    Scam - a friend on mine lost thousands of pounds on it for nothing. They 'offer' anyone and everyone a 'place' regardless of whether you have actually applied for it. Walk away!!

    • 4th Aug 2013
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  • Lee Saunders


    Well, that's that cleared up.

    • 4th Aug 2013
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  • Andrew Lawden


    cover your arse , talk to tvi ., contact alan nausbaum or sean wilkinson , and tell them i recommended you drop them a line ...they will help you more x

    • 11th Aug 2013
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  • Louise Gubbay


    I am absolutely gobsmacked why you are obviously questioning yourself on the fact that LA could be the ticket to stardom.

    Sincerely hope my Spotlight write up helps. www.spotlight.com/news/archive/2013/03/22/pilot-season-in-la-in-a-global-recession-by-agent.aspx#.Ugf-PNLqmSo

    • 11th Aug 2013
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  • Lee Saunders


    Hello Louise,

    I think people aren't questioning LA, they are questioning the HHIC programme the OP had concern about.

    I only mentioned facts I found in my research pertaining to that company.

    I could go to LA, but until I have enough money, and credits here, I would probably not be considered.

    All the best,


    • 11th Aug 2013
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  • Sara Dee


    Prices between

    £1995 - £4995

    for accommodation and course.

    Price is dependent on length of stay, what course offers and level of comfort in choice of hotels.

    No flights included.

    • 14th Aug 2013
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