Mandy - is this worth it? Newbie Advice

Liam Foster
Voice Over: English

Hey guys!

I have finally just joined up to Mandy Premium recently after months of money shuffling and spending money on my set up etc. I am a 'Newbie' so to speak within this amazing business and Voice-Over work is what I want to do as a career, it's my passion, desire and what I love the most. I intend to carry on doing as many coaching sessions as I can, when money allows, and to keep auditioning for as many jobs as possible.

I am fortunate to also have an amazing agent who believes in me, even though I wish I started in this game when I was a lot younger (31 now haha). I recently purchased a Mic Stand, Scarlett Solo Audio Interface, Pop Filter and most importantly a Rode NT1-A Microphone! As well as balancing my current full-time job, a house and a family, this is my dream career and I am eager and willing to do whatever it takes.

However my slight concern at the moment is how negative I feel the current market and business is at the moment - looking at what people are mostly saying on these forums - especially re: Mandy. It seems as though Mandy isnt the way to go at all, and you are basically throwing money down the drain?

Can any veterans of this industry give me any pointers in how to get work in this current market, especially when you are just starting out and haven't really got the most in-depth experience!

Thanks everyone!

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Kasper Michaels
Voice Over: Canadian

You've asked a difficult question young man, because it's the golden question. How do I get work. It reminds me of one of my first auditions for a commercial back in the 90s in Canada. The room was packed with people. I remember asking the receptionist, wow, this is packed, how many people are you seeing. She said, the plan is 800. For one role? I said.
That's when it dawned on me that there were going to be 799 people that didn't get the job and I person that would. I actually booked that job, but I was forever grateful after that for just being allowed to audition.
Everyone on Mandy is wondering, how to get work. the answer is tough and complicated and remarklably easy at the same time. You need to put in the work and the time so that you are always prepared. That means, take some classes, get a coach, work your voice everyday. If you already have a full time job and a family, it will be hard to put in the time to be truly successful. But you still might be. I've heard of people that had no experience at all that end up winning best in class awards and their careers skyrocket. I've also known people that are very good that don't work that much.
I am in both camps. how my career started and then a plateau or few, and now, 20yrs later, this is all I do. I Mandy for you? That's up to you. The answer, as anyone still using this site can tell you, is that P2P sites do not guarantee work. they guarantee auditions. the work is up to you. (The guaranteed audition is debatable, but that's another soapbox session)
A couple things. you mentioned you got gear, but haven't mentioned if you have a broadcast quality space to record in. that is almost as important as the gear itself. it allows for remote sessions.
If you already have a family and full time job, you might now have enough time to fully commit to the voice over side. And yet, even there, I know a colleague that has a full time job that even has him travelling all over the world every 2nd month, and he manages to get some use and enjoyment and bookings from VO.
In the end, it will depend on you and many factors... can you afford it? can you afford the time and the cost of a subscription. can you afford coaching and classes? (I've been doing this for 20ys and I still use coaching when I can). You already have an agent. that is extremely lucky. Over half of the folks on this site do not. I would start there, with you your agent. ask them what you need to do to help you on the voice over side. It might come down to simple availablility. You book a job. it's recording tomorrow. in London. do you have time to take time off work, make arrangements with the family and go in to record. Even if it's remote, are you available and can you get the job done.
All questions that need to be answered by you, unfortunately. Asking other VO where to get work actually doesn't make sense. it's something you need to figure out, and then put in the time. Don't even get me started on marketing. that's the other aspect. people need to know who you are. you need to put in the time to reach out and tell them in an effective way. there are many ways to learn to do that. but it's all about time and availability.

As far as age? I started VO "for real" in my 40s. VO does not have a time limit or slot. It's all about patience, practise, perseverence and character. It's all about time.

If you still have questions, I'm happy to point you to coaches and marketing gurus that can help you along, and I would contact your agent to ask their advice. Careful about asking "where do I find work?" This is not that type of industry. You need to make opportunities, and be ready when the door opens. Even then you might still be shown the door and not know why.

Good luck with the career. break a mic.

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Liam Foster
Voice Over: English

Hey Kasper! I always take time to read people's posts within the forum and always see you comment incredible advice and tips; so I feel honoured you have taken your time to comment such genuine, helpful insight!

My apologies if my question came across as desperation to other VO artists about where to find work; it was more so a question of wanting veterans of the industry (such as yourself) t share their advice on good ways to keep plodding on and grafting, so to speak. I am definitely fortunate to have acquired a fantastic agent; and I have to take the positives in that and think I must have something good at least for them to even consider representing me!

In terms of life and career aspirations; this is what I want, this is my passion and I have already spoken to my partner regarding making things work any way I can do. I record from my work office at the moment, with a decent set up which I record on to my laptop and then edit the audio myself (as best as I can haha). Of course life may sometimes get in the way, what with travelling down to studios etc - however I will keep persevering with every audition I can and I understand things won't come easy. I also plan, as you stated, to get as much coaching sessions as I can when finances allow and hopefully have one lined up very soon.

But of course I will take any marketing insight and industry Gurus as you can throw at me, the more the merrier!

Thank you once again, Kasper! :)

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Claire Louise Heffron
Voice Over: English

Liam and Kasper both had great comments and questions. After a dull post-COVID years of office work, I've decided to get back into voice work. Recently, somebody said how good my recording voice is, so I've decided to put myself out there and try to make my voice heard while investing in courses.

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Kasper Michaels
Voice Over: Canadian

great attitude both of you. keep that going and your will do well.
Have a great weekend.

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