New in Toronto and looking for a foot in the door.

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    Good day guys!

    I'm fresh of the boat and looking to get into the Canadian film industry.

    I have worked for the last four years in Australia on the production side of things - onset Lighting/Camera departments. Most of the work was on TV/Feature sets but in between jobs I transition to TVC's. I'm based in Toronto and I'd be keen have a chat over the phone or go for a coffee with whoever is interested hearing me out or giving me a shot. Back home I'm always working which is a testament to my work ethic and onset skill.

    I'd also be interested in PA work as it will be a good way to meet Canadian film makers.

    Thanks for your time and have a beautiful day!


    • 4th Feb 2020
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  • Tahir Badoella


    Hi Ren!

    Same here! I'll be graduating from California State University, Northridge in May from the TV-production option and looking to enter Canadian TV/Film industry too! I've been working as an editor for 3+ years and got into videography recently, doing freelancing on the side while focusing to graduate. Woud love to hear your experience as a newcomer and what to expect :)

    • 11th Feb 2018
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  • Aditya Sawant

    Content Producer

    Same here! Just moved to Canada from India. I have 5 years of experience in unscripted content development, field and story production, being director's assistant and associate producer. Have worked for content broadcast on major networks owned by Fox Networks Group, Discovery, Viacom and MTV India.

    • 18th Sep 2019
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  • Lukas Hensel-williams

    Camera Operator (HD)

    Same here! I'm a videographer from Kitchener who has been doing a lot of freelance work. I'm always down for some new portfolio material so let me know if you ever need another operator.

    • 23rd Oct 2019
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  • Ren Rashad

    Set Designer

    I just moved back to Toronto myself. I was studying in Alberta for screenwriting and mostly working as an independent filmmaker on self-produced projects. That lead to some exciting things, but I'm looking to connect with some like-minded people.

    • 31st Oct 2019
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  • Zahabiya Soniwala

    Researcher (Senior)

    Hey, I am planning to move to Toronto in couple months. Trying to understand Canada media industry and hopefully, secure a job before moving in. Oh... by the way, I am currently working as a Head research, Creative Associate & Executive Producer in Ahmedabad, India with 10 years of experience. I am hoping to connect with responsive media personnel.

    • 4th Feb 2020
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