Northamptonshire/East Midlands Network

  • Christopher Gorry


    Hi SJP members!

    I just wanted to put the feelers out to see how many members were in the Northamptonshire area? I'm keen to build a local network up of Theatre Workers to hopefully set up some kind of skill-sharing network. This might take the form of a monthly meet or something like that. Would be great to hear if anyone is interested and maybe if you have any ideas of what you would want from the network?



    • 20th Aug 2012
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  • James Dainty

    Technical Manager / Director

    Aha now it figure why Christopher Gorry was so spying on my profile haha

    i'm happy to get the ball rolling be the first member to the network.

    • 30th Jul 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    I did a Birmingham social back in April - you could do a similar kind of thing in your area.

    • 31st Jul 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    I am Northampton based for some of my week.

    • 5th Aug 2011
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  • Alan Spyer

    Sound Technician

    Hi Chris,

    Setting up a local network would be great, count me in.


    • 6th Aug 2011
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  • Rebecca Desmond

    Set Designer


    Based in Oundle in Northamptonshire. Sounds like a great idea. Count me in too!


    • 15th Aug 2011
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  • Harriet Saffin

    Assistant Stage Manager


    I'm ASM based in Northampton, working wherever. Keep me posted


    • 17th Aug 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    Is Milton Keynes close enough to be in your network? If so, count me in.

    • 17th Aug 2011
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  • Pete Watts

    Lighting Designer

    Im up near Leicester but have been known to work there/ visit for drinks! And im designing Panto at the Derngate this year so that almost counts! sadly I missed the Birmingham meet!. your the same distance the other way so all good!


    • 17th Aug 2011
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  • Lindsey Stills

    Costume Designer

    Hi, I'm a designer based near Wellingborough, count me in.


    • 17th Aug 2011
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  • Cat Pewsey

    Company Stage Manager

    Northampton based ASM, would love to be involved!


    • 29th Aug 2011
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  • Eleanor Davies

    Scenic Artist

    hello, this sounds interesting i am based here and a designer and scenic!

    • 7th Sep 2011
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  • Nic Bampkin

    Stage Manager

    Yep live in Northampton, just not there much it seems!

    • 7th Sep 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    im Bedford based ASM and is up for anything


    • 12th Sep 2011
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  • Catherine James

    Lighting Technician

    I'm a Northamptonshire based lampy....although on tour but keep returning to the homeland!

    • 15th Sep 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    I am a Nottinghamshire based technician (Tsm for some gigs) count me in!

    • 23rd Sep 2011
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  • Sam Lynam

    Sound No.1 / A1

    Hey Guys,

    I'm a Leicestershire Based Sound and Lighting Engineer.



    • 24th Sep 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    I am a Nottingham based Stage Manager.

    • 19th Jun 2012
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  • Joanne Davies

    Stage Manager

    Hi there

    This sounds like a great idea, I am a leicestershire based stage manager. Count me in!


    • 24th Jul 2012
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  • Felicity 'Flic' Jones

    Wardrobe Supervisor


    I', wardrobe misstress/ costume maker based in northampton, although i do move about with work. as you have to in this industry. but sounds good fun count me in.

    • 30th Jul 2012
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