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    How do I get on them? Just call up the theaters and ask to be put on? I definitely know the people who run a few here in NYC and Brooklyn, so it would be no problem to contact somebody. But does a google search profit one much at all?

    • 27th Jun 2014
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  • Allie Emmerich

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    I find the best way to get on an overhire list is to know people and socialize with them. What kind of overhire? Also, I'm in the Philly theatre scene so I do not know too much about the NY scene.

    • 17th Aug 2011
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    Call the theater, ask for the production manager. Send him or her a resume. Call again. Bug them. Don't be shy. Don't worry about offending; we all did it when we started out.

    • 9th Apr 2012
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  • Brian Moore


    If you are looking in Manhattan: go to IATSE Local 1 M-F at 7 AM and get your name on the list..I've had no luck with IATSE Local 4 (yet and determined too) in Brooklyn, I was able to do one show with IATSE Local 340 in Long Island and am trying to do more..good luck and let me know because I am seeking steady Up-Rigging Gigs in NYC (live in Queens)

    • 12th Jun 2013
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    Many theatres (at least in Chicago) hire their ME's on an individual show basis, so we all have our own lists. We also work on calls at the larger venues. Email production managers with resumes and talk to people on the calls. Be friendly and although it's less expensive to bring lunch, I recommend going out with the crew for the lunch break.

    • 28th Jun 2014
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