Vocal coach wanted

  • Claire Bender


    Can anyone recommend a good vocal coach in the Kingston/South West London area?



    • 16th Sep 2014
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  • User Deleted

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    Hi, i'm a vocal coach and live in Wimbledon, but also do vocal coaching home visits too. Here's some info about me.

    I have been a professional singer since my teens touring and recording all over the world with many famous artistes. I have been a vocal coach for stage coach, The M.A.D School (Music, Arts and Drama) TV's shows and coached productions for musical theatre. I have a strong voice and a fun vibe and good people skills. This position sounds like fun, so please get in contact with me!

    • 9th Jan 2011
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  • Emily Clare


    While you're looking for a vocal coach, have a look at 'How To Be A Pop Sensation' by Pete Moody (leading vocal coach) as it covers everything from creating your sound to marketing yourself. It covers every genre, from musical theatre, to rock, to rap, and honestly has excellent techniques and advise. xx

    • 13th Jan 2011
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  • Hannah Northedge


    Hi there

    I am a vocal coach and professional singer currently offering very competitive lesson deals.

    I teach in SE London, but may be able to travel to you.

    My website is:


    I run a vocal coaching company called Vocalodeon.

    Please feel free to give me a ring on: 07868 661099.

    Kind regards

    Hannah Northedge

    • 13th Mar 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    I would recommend Linley Weir, she's brilliant! She's based in the Kingston area, teaches at Richmond College and also privately. Her number is 07828 948196

    • 17th Mar 2011
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  • Kelly Young


    Hello there,

    I'm a vocal coach based in South London - do take a look at my website and feel free to contact me.




    • 11th Feb 2013
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  • Jass Meagher



    My name is Jass. I am an Experienced Vocal Coach, Professional Singer/Songwriter and Mariah Carey/ Leona Lewis Tribute Artiste. I perform all over the UK from London to Scotland and have had my own show at the world renowned Edinburgh Festival.

    Please view my Private Tutor profile on First Tutor where you can read verified student testimonials and find out more about my teaching methods. I am also available to book directly and can travel to teach.

    My home music studio is well equipped and I also teach live performance skills workshops and offer Audio production/demo recording packages along with singing lessons.

    Please see my teacher links below .


    Kind regards,


    [email protected]

    • 16th Sep 2014
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