Voice work credits for spotlight?

  • Gill M Jones


    Hello - so I'm still continuing my quest to get enough credits for spotlight membership, however with the current situation it's proving more difficult than it was before. After some thought, I would like to set up a voice recording space at home: I've done my research on equipment already - Blue snowball ice mic, an isolation shield, pop filter, and audacity - but if you have any other suggestions let me know. I can't spend much more than £100 for this at the moment, though.

    So that being said, before I financially commit to this I'd like to know; what counts as a professional voice acting credit for spotlight? Is the right professional work out there at the moment? I can already guess that a paid speaking role in film or tv (would virtual theatre performances count?) is the obvious way to go, but do games count too? And if so what kind of games? Indie feature films? I'm just wondering what my options are...

    If anyone has any advice about this or anything else related to setting up for voice work (how it differs from visual acting, etc), please comment here or message me. I've contacted spotlight but their offices are closed until Monday morning.


    • 15th May 2020
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