Writing to Casting Directors?

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    This is my first post for information so please don't hurt me! :)

    Anyway, I would like to write to a Casting Agent regarding a tv programme filmed where I come from. I really would like to be seen for an audition because the programme is literally filmed right next to where I grew up and went to school. I have plenty of friends there and a base to stay.

    So what I would like to ask is:

    1)Is there a way I should approach writing to this agent (obviously without begging and sounding desperate)?

    2) Apart from mentioning that I know the region, the area and the accent, is there anything else I could use that might interest them towards getting me an audition?

    3) Are there any DON'Ts about writing to CDs?

    Any advice would be very gratefully recieved. I will naturally be sending them headshot and CV etc. Thank you greatly CCPers.

    • 7th Oct 2011
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  • Nigel Peever


    I doubt the fact that you lived there would have any bearing on casting directors choice other than you should in theory be able to do the accent to perfection, assuming that the place represents the real place in the production.

    As you have an agent I'd use this as one of ose occasions to show that you are pro active and would like to be put up for a particular production so get in touch with your agent and cross your fingers and prepare to hear nothing! then if anything does happen it's a bonus.

    But unless it's a very low budget then your being able to get free digs is unlikely to get you cast.

    • 5th Oct 2011
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  • Lee Ravitz


    I agree with Nigel - have you discussed this with your agent? On the one hand, I appreciate that, sometimes, a personal letter to a casting department can do wonders, but, by and large, I would have said, in the cut and thrust world of television, the best option may well be to simply channel a request in the direction of your agent, and ask them to stress your suitability for the TV show in question. They will find out soon enough on your behalf whether or not they are prepared to even consider an unsolicited application.

    If you are still thinking of writing a letter, though, I guess it's worth a shot. As with all letters to casting directors, it should be kept brief and to the point. The fact that you come from the area may well be of potential interest *provided* that the locale is relevant to the show in question - if it's not, then I don't see why it should make any difference to your application. It is, as ever, good to stress experience in related areas of performance and any sort of reason why you feel your acting style would be a good match for the programme. And other than that, I don't think there is much more to say in a speculative application. There is no way you can guarantee it will even be passed on to the casting director by the assistant, but, by the same token, I don't think anyone has inadvertently offended a casting director by sending them a professionally worded letter of introduction with a CV - the worst that can happen is they pay it no attention. It will naturally help if you know they are currently in the process of casting, and are striking while the iron is hot! Beyond that, it's probably worth a punt, because you never know - the requirements of the casting department and what you offer may well match.

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    Thank you greatly to both of you for taking the time to offer feedback. I'll definitely talk to my agent and send on a personal letter as well.

    Without being too specific the programme is set specifically where I come from and filmed where I come from and so my hope is it might give me a slight edge for being seen, although it is highly unlikely and also my lack of showreel is another problem.

    Anyway, I'll bear in mind your advice and hope the luck of timing is there!

    Have a great weekend gentlemen and thanks again!

    • 6th Oct 2011
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  • Julia Effertz


    Not much to add to the excellent feedback already provided, but yes: do let your agent know, they should give the casting director a ring and pitch you.

    Have you got anything to offer right now, i.e. an updated showreel, a current production or recent screen project that your agent could use as a hook?

    That works really and I've used this approach myself within my co-op agency and it's worked well.

    Don't send emails, they get lost, deleted, sorted into the spam folder.

    Last but not least: check Spotlight to see whether they are actually casting right now. The CD may well like your profile, but if there are not roles to be cast right now, then there's nothing to be done but to wait for when a suitable part comes up.

    Maybe this could be a good opportunity to ask your agent to set up a general meeting with the cd.

    Good luck!


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    Hey Julia,

    Thanks for the advice. Really useful. I'll have to investigate the function on Spotlight that tells you what agents are casting for. I know agents could but I didn't know individuals could also. I was with a co-op briefly and they showed me how there.

    Anyways, I really appreciate the help. Have a great weekend!!

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