URFEED- Anyone had dealings with this?

  • Steve Hopper


    Applied for post placed on here a few months back for a presenter role. It's another new app, looking for live streamers and those to create videos about varying subjects.

    They offer a timeline regarding getting established on the app, then a release date for the app on the apple/android stores before inviting selected presenters to London to participate in auditions, which can lead to studio time and paid filming sessions at £40 an hour.

    I've noticed, this timeline keeps getting pushed back. I.e the dates allowing potential presenters to join the app, then the date of the app release gets pushed back to another month and subsequently, the London auditions also move another month.

    My guess is that they're at attempting to release an app and build a following, but hoping to build it with presenters, with the lure of potential work down the line, which doesn't seem to be actually materialising.

    Any thoughts or dealings with this company from anyone else?

    • 15th Sep 2020
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