Help after college.

  • Gareth Lewis

    Lighting Technician

    Hey guys,

    So over the past 2 years I have spent studying technical theatre in which I have now graduated

    Instead of applying for uni i felt i was kind of too old to do so n would rather learn on the job

    since leaving college i have generally been working doing crew work for festivals and corporate events

    for the past month I worked at the edinburgh fringe festivals and now I'm back home festival season is pretty much over and I want to be working

    I have spent the past few weeks emailing theatres and people I know who may have work but since then I have only had one job

    the crewing company that I have worked for are quiet and I its no where near panto season yet

    I feel a bit stuck

    any suggestions?

    • 8th Oct 2014
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  • User Deleted

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    Try going visiting the theatres with your CV. Ask at stage door to see the head of the technical department and if they are busy, ask if you can leave a CV and get their email.

    I used to do this and found it very helpful. Some theatres, however, won't accept CVs anyway and those will be theatres owned by big theatre companies but it is still worth going down and speaking to someone.

    So I suggest, take a little day trip and visit as many theatres as possible!!!

    Hope this helpped and good luck!

    • 24th Sep 2014
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  • Tom Meehan

    Sound Engineer

    If you are doing a CV drop, have a short cover letter attached and ALWAYS make sure you address it to the name of the Technical Manager/Production Manager, and make sure it is right. If there is no name on there it looks like you haven't taken the time to find out about the venue and who works there.

    What area of backstage do you want to work in?

    Where are you based?

    • 6th Oct 2014
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  • Jason Walsh

    Sound Engineer

    Hi Gareth

    it's worth remembering that it's hard to find work now a days... even for guys like my self who have been in the industry for 20+ years, and have worked the big shows and events and knowing the right people ... just stick at it an keep trying

    It also depends on the area of the country you are based in, there is always more work up in London it depends if you can afford to live there whilst getting known on the circuit, which is the hard bit.

    I my self moved up to the midlands 2 years back and have found it a very "closed door" scene around Birmingham ... this last 18 months I have gone for 30 interviews for tech positions that I am qualified and have the experience to do, with everyone from Birmingham REP to the ICC to little A.V companies and each time they have all promoted internally and given the job to someone already working for them (such a waist of my time)

    Its hard going ...but you have to keep knocking on doors and hang on in there...and DON'T GIVE UP !

    • 8th Oct 2014
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